US Congress Foreign Affairs Committee Sends Stinking Letter Against Biya’s Regime, Tells Visiting Envoy To Grip Biya On His ‘Manhood’

As US Diplomat expected in Cameroon, US congressman sends another Resolute letter.

Yaounde regime from every indications, is facing its end for its atrocious deeds. Of the many warnings served the regime by organizations and international governments, the US has been so instrumental in ensuring that the rogue state is brought on its kneels.

After EU and US Foreign Secretary for African Affairs declared that biya is using the wrong path in the war,  the Chairman of US House of Representative, Committee on Foreign Affairs of the 116th Congress, Elliot Lance Engel has written a roslute letter to the US Assistant Secretary of foreign Affairs, Tibor Nagy.

In the letter which you will read below, the message is clear to the august visitor expected in Cameroun. Two points on the agenda the diplomat has been told emphatically to focus on; The War Against Ambazonia and The Arrest of Cameroun Political Prisoner, Maurice Kamto. Here is the full letter:

“Dear Assistant Secretary Nagy:
In advance of your upcoming trip to Cameroon, I am writing to you out of concern for Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and former candidate for the Cameroonian presidency.As you know, Mr. Kamto was arrested on January 28, 2019, and is currently being held in the maximum security Kondengui Central Prison, a location which has drawn international criticism for harsh conditions and overcrowding.
His arrest and subsequent hearing deferrals are part of a much wider trend of criminalizing dissent and persecuting President Biya’s perceived enemies.Moreover, Mr. Kamto is but one of hundreds of political prisoners in Cameroon who could soon be facing the death penalty, which is indicative of a rapidly contracting space for free speech and political opposition.

I appreciated your March 4th interview on Radio France Internationale, in which you stated that the Cameroonian government should release Mr. Kamto due to the perception that he has been incarcerated for his political actions. I hope that you continue to challenge the merits of his arrest with President Biya and other government officials during your time in Cameroon.In your meetings, I hope that you also raise the fact that the Government of Cameroon has clearly violated the rights of Mr. Kamto and other political prisoners to assemble freely and express and disseminate their opinions, which are encapsulated in the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, which Cameroon ratified three decades ago.

 As you served in Cameroon earlier in your career, you may share my alarm at the country’s current trajectory – with the brewing insurgency in the Anglophone region, the ban on protests and public demonstrations following the flawed October 2018 election, and the mass arrests of protestors and journalists in January 2019.I commend Ambassador Barlerin’s leadership in addressing these issues during this challenging time and hope that the United States can work effectively with partners in Cameroon, the rest of Africa, and in Europe to secure a better future for the Cameroonian people.
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
Eliot L. Engel”

The stakes are high, as the Diplomat is awaited in the colonial and rogue state.Ambazonians are very aware if other high dignitaries who have visited Biya in Yaounde on the crisis in Ambazonia. Amongst who are the SG of UN, SG of Commonwealth. The days ahead  promise to be clear indications that the Struggle for independence of Southern Cameroons is near.

Sumelong Ekane

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jon

    March 12, 2019 at 10:50 PM

    The letter written by the congressman is a personal letter, not on behalf of the US Congress or the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress. The letter isn’t a reflection of the official position of the US Congress or President Trump’s administration. Thus, the congressman’s personal letter to Mr Nagy is a NON-EVENT. Members of congress write letters all the times.

    Mr Nagy’s visit to Cameroon is not an errand of mercy for the amba terrorists and their sponsors, and the political neophyte – Prof Kamto. Cameroon is a sovereign country where there’s the rule of law. Cameroon is not a vassal of the United States of America, and thus, does not take orders from the United States of America. Prof. Kamto will go through the criminal justice system like any Cameroonian will do if charged with a crime. Justice must be served! The US must respect Cameroon’s judicial system just as Cameroon respects the American judicial system.

    I do not think President Biya or his Ministers are losing sleep over Mr Nagy’s visit. As far as Cameroon is concerned, he is a nonentity.

    The last sentence in the article makes no sense. However, Cameroon is ONE and INDIVISIBLE. The “struggle” or the independence of southern cameroons is a pipe dream, or a fool’s errand.

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