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Unmasking The Thieving Mechanism Of Colonial Forces On Cocoa Black Marketing In Manyu, Meme County








Southern Cameroons Farmers in Meme and Manyu County are crying foul over the increasing theft perpetrated by colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) in their Cocoa farms. Reports say the police, paramilitary, and military, have indulged in brisk business over the thieving and sale of farmers’ cocoa beans, as the Ambazonian crisis persist.

In an exclusive investigation carried out by BaretaNews, these colonial forces use malicious means on acquiring the cocoa beans and then sell them to Nigeria buyers. Many confirmed that these soldiers sell a kilogram (Kg) of cocoa beans for as low as 300frs, as opposed to 600 frs.

According to Pa Afiianyo Agbortah, a resident of Kombone mission in Meme County, soldiers invaded the village pretending to carryout mass raids, yet carted away their dried cocoa beans. He cried out that he had harvested and dried 20 bags of Cocoa beans, yet, all were taken away by the colonial forces.

“Yesterday (Friday) some armed men in uniform entered Kombone ordering everyone to go into their houses. They then went from house to house, carrying out searches. My cocoa warehouse was well locked. When we work up this morning, we found nothing in the warehouse. My 20 bags of dried cocoa beans had been taken away by these soldiers. That is my life’s investment taken away just like that,” Pa Agbortah lamented.

A similar story is told in Konye where colonial forces break into people’s warehouses in pretence of carrying out search, to sweep away people’s cocoa beans put in bags. Mami Regina Moto, says her husband fled the colonial forces leaving behind 15 bags of dried cocoa beans. In broad day light, the colonial forces carried away everything, telling the villagers, the cocoa beans are being confiscated.

“It is really an unbelievable thing going on here. Our 15 bags of cocoa beans that we took pains to dry, was just swept away alongside that of other people here in Konye. We are all mourning because we don’t know where to go or what to do,” Mami Moto said.

In Manyu county, these colonial forces have extended their Machiavelli tactics to the Cocoa farms where they harvest, eat some, and sell others to Nigerian buyers.

“My Nigerian customer told me they now buy cocoa beans from the military. They go right into the farms and harvest and then bid for the best price. The colonial forces are sweeping away our wealth as they carry on with this war,” lamented Takang Ashu, a Kembong resident.

After haven successfully, driven people away from their homes, these colonial forces break into people’s houses and farms, stealing their properties. They are selling people’s properties at give away prices to those who bother to pass around and buy.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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