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United Nations Official Sponsor Of Genocide In Southern Cameroons



Press Release N0. 08/09

Buea, September 8, 2019

Press Release

United Nations Officially Sponsoring Genocide In Southern Cameroons

War against Southern Cameroonians

The Consortium has received with shock and consternation, news of the United Nations General Secretariat assigning the sum of about USD 17 million to the baby-killing, autocratic regime of President Paul Biya of Cameroon to ease its ongoing genocide on unarmed civilians in Southern Cameroons.

Although the This move comes as no surprise, given the complacent attitude of the current Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guteres since the outbreak of the conflict in the Southern Cameroons in 2017. It should be recalled that after his visit to cameroun, Leaked documents from the Presidency of the Republic in Yaounde, which circulated in June 2018, revealed that Mr. Guteres promised Dion Ngute Joseph, Prof. Nkot and Ghogomu Paul Mingo, that he, was going to use his high office to contact public relations firms in the United States to help cover up the atrocities of the Biya trigger-happy army is visiting on our people. Ever Since then, at least four lobby firms are now actively doing business for dictator Paul Biya in the United States of America.

The above move shows more than enough that the UN-sponsored “Never Again” campaign after the Rwandan genocide was just a decoy and an empty slogan. This allegation can be buttressed by the fact that, despite its well-known horrible human rights records, Cameroon was admitted into the UN Human Rights Council, and today into the Committee of Peace, with a USD 17 million reward. This is once more a clarion call on Southern Cameroonians once mire more to take their destiny into their own hands.

A careful look at the conditions that accompany the over USD 17 million grant reveals that Yaounde will determine in what way to use the allocation. This means By implication, the Baby-killing autocratic administration can and would definitely use the money to acquire more arms to perpetuate a war the same UN claims to be working to end.

Amusingly, It is amusing to note that, the UN mentions mentioned areas such as including multiculturalism, decentralization, disarmament and reintegration as possible sectors the money could be used, notably to foster a kind of living together. One wonders how disarmament will happen in the absence of peace talks that lead to a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities. Simply put, this is a blatant display of the double-standards the UN is mire and more being identified with.

This regrettable and condemnable move notwithstanding, The Consortium seizes this opportunity to remind the United Nations that the people of the former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons have come of age and know exactly what they want, and no one will force annexation on us them anymore like it was the case in 1961.

Let it be known by all and sundry, that the people of the former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons shall either live live either freely or die fighting for that which they believe in: self-determination.

God is with us!

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