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Under Secretary of U.S State Department arrives La Republique: What he must know about the Yaoundé Oligarchy



Under Secretary of U.S State Department arrives La Republic: What he must know about the Yaoundé Oligarchy

While BaretaNews expects to see concrete actions on the ground, the U.S diplomat in Yaoundé, Peter Henry Barlerin has briefed his Counterpart Under Secretary of the State department, Tibor Nagy, on the war in Ambazonia. These two high profile diplomats have never mince their words whenever chance avails them, on the atrocities in Ambazonia. They both have a habit of calling a spade a spade, NOT a garden tool like many others always try to make the issues look generic to Cameroun and Ambazonia.
Nagy’s arrival in Yaoundé, March 16th is still an ordeal and an oblivious nighmare to Biya and his gangstar regime who took Nagy’s words for a usual play game. While we await to get the fruits of the diplomatic trip of President Donald’s  Trump’s special envoy, may we use this medium, BaretaNews, to quickly remind Mr Tibor Nagy what the regime is good at.

Apart of just being a world class corrupt regime with many golden Corruption trophies to its credits, Biya and his government is noted for its spectacular skills in corrupting foreign diplomats. Nagy must know this and pay attention to it, considering that, American diplomats and himself are bigger than such pranks of an 84 years old dictator.

BerataNews wishes to inform Nagy of the presence of some world class  dignitaries at Etoudi who have gone comatose, totally missing in the picture after their visits to Etoudi Palace. Amongst them, SG of the United Nations Organization, UNO, Antonio Guterrez, and SG of Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland.

Just within the week of Nagy’s arrival, Biya homeland strategist, Atanga Paul Nji, minister of interior of Cameroun ( territorial administration) had invited diplomats from Swiss, Nigeria ( Africa’s biggest economy and gunner from U.N security council seat), Central Africa and others, to present as usual, the narrative of Biya and defend why his military is stationed in every village, West of River Mungo.

In a Press release of March 15th, “The Consortium”, (one of the frontline movement for the liberation and independence of the southern Cameroons), had serve a notice to Nagy on this same issue. Atanga Paul had a meeting with them in Yaoundé, where he equally claims like many other biya’s loyalists, that the issues are of internal concern. How internal is a ruler is annihilating another nation, is what many still doubt.

Nagy must know that, the crisis is deepening as days die down, and more concrete actions by world super power, USA, is momentous to bring the biya’s 37 years rule to answer charges of War crimes and Crimes against humanity perpetuated on the people of the Southern Cameroons.

Not in anyway measuring Mr Nagy to other diplomats, the high hopes of the more than 8 millions Ambazonians worldview will be to see a difference in Mr. Nagy’s visit. He must know that hundreds are being slaughtered as days pass by from all corners of the territory of Ambazonia by Foreign military from Yaoundé. From Victoria to Misaje, Lebialem to Ndu, blood spills. The solution must be sort now to avoid a situation that is worse  than Rwanda 1994. 

The number of Internally displaced people out of Cameroon is gradually moving above 250.000 , more than 200 villages have suffered raid from biya’s militia rendering hundred of thousands homeless and in total distress. Not to talk of asylum seekers and political prisoners littered in La Republic’s jails.

What Nagy should also know is that, as it stands, Southern Cameroonians are resolute to taking their destinies back from 58 years of total slavery and calamitous maltreatment master minded by her neighbour, a neocolonialist, La Republic of Cameroun. 

In all, what Tibor Nagy should know is that, American diplomats are exceptional, fearless and by virtue of their obligation to humanity, stand by the oppressed. The oppressed state of Ambazonian has her defined boundaries and Sovereignty, with a rights to Full Independence that is being denied her. This is the time Mr Nagy must made his name in the Struggle for independence and the ultimate history of Ambazonian.

So far, Nagy has proven his worth with his strong media outings and his physical presence on the soil of Yaoundé for his African tour. Mr Nagy must know that the feet of the Yaoundé oligarchy are trembling, a the “Bourgeoisie-like” dictatorship will soon pee in her pant. Nagy must be strong like never before, as many eyes from and within are watching, and present a clear and undiluted message to the regime like it was done to Mobuto of Congo.

The days ahead are pregnant…
Sumelong EkaneBaretaNews

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