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Uncertainty Hovers over the Cameroons as the Ambazonia Revolution Escalates



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Uncertainty Hovers over the Cameroons as the Ambazonia Revolution Escalates

Southern Cameroons Ambazonia is getting more and more tense as the revolutionary conflict against the imposing colonial regime of French Cameroon escalates. The colonial and dictatorial regime of French Cameroon under the old man Paul Biya, has continued to show its determination to crush the revolutionary spirit in the people of Southern Cameroons.

Yaoundé, through the rhetoric of her agents and the brutality of her terrorist forces, appears resolutely determined to maintain its colonial grip over the former UN Trust Territory by any means possible, including a Paris and UN backed genocide.

We call it Paris and UN backed genocide because the manipulative hand of the France who is a key member of the UNSG has been repeatedly seen behind the scene, while the entire UN system and its Security Council which is supposed to be the arbiter here appears standing beside the dictator Paul Biya through her suspicious inaction and a continuous romance by its Secretary General and regional officers with the dictatorial regime.

But the people of Southern Cameroons are also proving not ready to give-up anytime soon. They appear determined to go all the way in the restoration of their stolen independence, as fearless armed young men and women – Restoration Forces have continued to confront the colonial terrorists from Yaoundé, in acts of self-defense. They have sacrificed their lives to stand in defense of the people and to also inflict a cost on the occupier state.

Despite the genocide on the innocent civilian population to the utter silence of the world, the momentum to see a free Ambazonia remains absolutely high among the people as seen in their continuous defiance of the colonial government through weekly civil Disobedience. Even the repeated illegal economic sanctions on the people of Buea by the colonial mayor of that city haven’t break the resolve of the people.

At this stage of the revolution, the people have just one thing in their minds – Independence of Southern Cameroons. The people understand what it means to go back to point zero at this stage of the revolution and they are aware of the consequences on the unborn generation. Their blood has been waisted by the colonial regime and they have decided not to allow this blood go in vain.

There is therefore uncertainty especially as the colonial regime tries to force illegal Presidential elections in Ambazonia. Restoration forces and the interim government of Ambazonia have also vowed that there shall be no elections in Ambazonia. But the colonial regime keeps pretending as if all is well. Rather than engage in necessary negotiations to end the conflict, the diabolic colonial regime is scheming on how it can arrest or get rid of more revolutionary leaders.

But one thing is certain. No nation has ever worn a war against its own people. The people fund the colonial force and so cannot be defeated by the very force they pay and feed. Mr. Biya must understand this fact and submit to the necessary negotiations for withdrawal from Ambazonia.

The Ambazonian revolution is a justified revolution before natural, national and international law. It is anchored on truth and nothing that anchors on truth has ever failed.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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