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UN Scribe Greeted With Ghost Towns In Southern Cameroons









Streets, towns and cities in Southern Cameroons remain empty this Friday October 27, 2017. The well respected ghost towns is a call from the Governing Council of Southern Cameroons for the people to prove to the visiting United Nations Secretary General (UNSG), António Guterres, that all of Southern Cameroons is resolute on restoring their statehood.

Ghost Towns in Buea

From villages to towns and cities in the Northern and Southern Zones of Southern Cameroons, all businesses remain shut down this Friday. The people say they heeded to the call for another ghost towns to put more pressure on the intentional community, to notice the distress calls from Ambazonians.

“We understand the UNSG will be in Cameroun today. So we are using this opportunity to tell him and his entourage that the people of Southern Cameroons are on strike. We want UN to intervene so we peacefully restore our statehood. We are calling for the immediate release of all our brothers arrested while putting fierce advocacy for our freedom. Let the UNSG advice Paul Biya to demilitarise our zones. We are not slaves and we refuse to be colonised,” Angwefor Reginald, denizen of Buea County.

Though a few taxi cabs are in circulation, the drivers say they are transporting people with emergency needs. They indicated they are not fully in circulation, hence, avoid any la republic agent on the drive way.

“We are driving because we know during times like this, people will want to transport their patients to the hospital. Others may have an emergency that will need for them to move from one place to the other. So we are carrying only such people. We don’t transport agents of the oppressor,” Mbih Donatus, a driver in Downtown Bamenda.

Paul Biya & UNSG

The UN scribe is expected to hold a marathon working session with Paul Biya of Cameroun. Top on the discussion table will be the Anglophone crisis. Sources close to the entourage of António Guterres, say the discussion will centre on the need for an inclusive and a pacific dialogue. The UN had condemned the killing of unarmed Southern Cameroonians and called on the government of La Republic to free all those arrested in the wake of the restoration struggle.


Fako County Colonial Administrator Shamed


Recently appointed colonial administrator for Fako County, Emmanuel Engamba Ledoux, has been shamed. His appeal for no ghost towns this Friday fell on deaf ears as the people once again did what they know how to do best.

Emmanual Ledoux on an exploitation (socioeconomic) contact tour in Buea, pleaded for the people to desist from heeding to calls for ghost towns. The largely boycotted event saw the colonial dictator use authoritative words on the people.

Few hours after his visit, Buea remain highly deserted as business premises shut their doors for ghost towns. This is a big win for the struggle. It is another occasion to resonate the strong message to all colonial administrators in Southern Cameroons that their presence is null and void. The people no longer listen to them. It is about time all the illegal occupiers of Southern Cameroons to leave so the people can concentrate to build a one and indivisible state.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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