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UN Frowns At Human Right Abuses In Ambazonia, Calls For Meaningful Dialogue



Burnings by Colonial Terrorist Soldiers in Ambazonia; Questions the UN Must Answer.

UN Frowns At Human Right Abuses In Ambazonia, Calls For Meaningful Dialogue

By Mbah Godlove

The United Nations has expressed disdain over the none-respect of International Humanitarian and Human Right Laws in Ambazonia as the Southern Cameroons war of independence reaches zenith.

Speaking in New York, Friday August 14, a UN spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric cautioned the belligerents not to attack civilians and their property as stipulated by the 1949 fourth Geneva Convention.

“On Cameroon, we have seen recent reports of serious human rights violations and abuses in that country,” he revealed.

The outing of the UN official was triggered by a recent video circulated on social media in which a 35 year-old woman was gruesomely macheted to death by yet to be identified individuals in Muyuka, Ambazonian Southern Zone.

Both French Cameroun forces and Ambazonian freedom fighters have denied responsibility of the act. It is against this backdrop that the UN is calling for a proper investigation and punishment of perpetrators of such human rights abuses in Ambazonia.

“We strongly and unequivocally condemn this atrocious act of violence. We call on the authorities to swiftly launch an investigation into these allegations and to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice,’’ Dujarric avered. While urging the warring parties to respect the UN global ceasefire call in order to collectively fight the Coronavirus, Stéphane Dujarric stressed that the UN is willing to mediate in a political solution to the conflict through a meaningful dialogue.

Mark Bareta, Ambazonia activist reacted to UN statement ” In regards to the recent spike of violence in Southern Cameroons, the United Nations yesterday offered a press statement. There is nothing to hype in that statement. My reaction this morning in twitter. United Nations press statement about her readiness to work with all stakeholders through meaningful dialogue to bring an end to the war in #Ambazonia is as old as 2016. @UN at each atrocity will condemn and offer this short phrase but has failed to take real actions since 2016. We want to see the @UN taking credible actions by bringing the issue in front of the security Council. It is very lame for the UN to ask an unknown authorities to investigate her own crimes. UN must stop giving these empty statements and start taking real actions. Until this is done, like in any liberation war, they wont be any change on the ground”

The Ambazonian war of independence which started in 2016 has resulted in over 20.000 deaths, razing of hundreds of villages, and has displaced nearly one million people.

Its now left to see what the Biya regime; as the main authority to the conflict would do for when suspicions are high that its military are responsible for recent atrocious killings in Ambazonia.

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