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UK Government Calls on LRC Government to Investigate Viral Video









Echoing the position already taken by the United States’ State Department, the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has also joined in chanting the same chorus, asking the government of La Republique Du Cameroun to open an investigation over the viral video showing soldiers wearing military-style uniforms shooting at two women and two children. A video which emerged last week on social media sparking widespread condemnation.

In a statement issued on July 18 by the UK Minister for Africa Affairs, Harriet Balwin said ”The United Kingdom is deeply concerned by the images circulating in Cameroon of the horrific killings of four women and children by perpetrators in military-style clothing, including allegations that those responsible may be members of the Cameroon armed forces” she said.

The Foreign Office minister went further in commending the colonial president’s attempt to appease the international community as he plans his desire to prolong his stong stay in power, ”I welcome President Biya’s decision to open an urgent investigation. Those responsible must face justice for their appalling actions-there is no justification for these actions,” she added. But with a long history of cover-ups, abuse, and impunity within La Republique’s governmental structure, Ms. Balwin and Biya might have a different idea of what justice truly is.









Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst

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