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UB Girl Scandal: UB Official Speaks Out



BaretNews talked to a university official on the issue of university student delinquency and he had the following to say….Read on
BaretaNews: Who is Che Eugene?
UB Official:  Well, I work as the Guidance Counselor of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences in the University of Buea. As you well know, it’s one of the biggest Faculties in terms of programmes and student numbers. Some students have referred to it as the biggest ship on land.
BaretaNews:  Have you heard about the Buea girl who allegedly drugged a certain bushfaller while stealing from him?
UB Official:  Well, I learnt, just like everyone else did through viral audio and video posts on social media about the sad incident of a girl busted for allegedly drugging and trying to extort money from her boyfriend, after they had philandered at the hotel. Well, it’s true that everyone quickly attributed it to UB girls – whatever that means. Anyone can, actually, as long as they live in Buea, claim to be from UB. I know lots of friends whose FB profiles show very interesting organisations where they work, albeit the fact that some have never as much as owned a CV. Well, not to say that the concerned girl might not have been from UB, but to say that UB is the place to be, with every effort directed towards grooming intellectuals of the heart and head, and where such behaviour is not welcome.
BaretaNews: It is alleged that UB girls have contacts in most hotels, any truth in it
UB Official:  Well, about UB girls having ready contacts in hotels, I cannot independently verify at the moment. But as I mentioned earlier, a student residential area like Molyko can be a melting pot for so many things. You’ve heard about religious fanatism around here, cultism, philandering, you name it. It would seem like students find new freedom away from their parents to indulge in despicable things. Then out of sight becomes out of control. Today, a parent was visibly dejected to learn that there was a first semester break for almost three weeks, and her daughter never bothered to return home just in nearby Douala. Rather, she had been asking for more pocket allowance. And behold when we checked into her results, she had passed in only five out of the twenty one courses she had registered for in the past two years. Is that who you refer to as a UB student? I guess no.
BaretaNews: What is UB doing to put some morals into her students?
UB Official:  In relation to UB’S work towards moralizing the students, we’re doing our best, albeit the fact that we can’t do very much. Most students enroll here with an already formed character. Secondly, they’re frenzied by new found freedom, peer pressure, a new environment, you name it. Someone once said you cannot turn a pope into an Imam overnight. The University organizes induction and orientation sessions for students every year. But this only has an impact for those who have ears.
BaretaNews: The university is supposed to protect her students, do they have any insurance policies? What have the student affairs done in light with the student being arrested. Has the University tried to identify the student if she is truly a UB student
UB Official: I guess it’s beyond my scope. Reason being that they are more within the scope of central administration, and I really wouldn’t have information even if there was a meeting to that effect.
BaretaNews: What is the University doing to clear her name
UB Official: Well, clearly, the University of Buea dissociates itself from anyone, be it student or not, whose actions are such that will jeopardise the image of this beautiful university. Of course as students, you have rights, but also duties and responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to behave responsibly. You may want to know that when the said incident was being reported, the University of Buea was on Easter break. Students were supposed to be on break, and observing the festivities of Easter. If a student decides to leave his or her place of sojourn for the break, and get involved in extra – student activities, it is but normal that they cannot be under the cover of the good will of the University. Students are therefore hereby cautioned to act responsibly. I used to tell my students that the same UB whose name you’re destroying could well be the same UB where you could be called to lead as Dean, HOD or vice chancellor tomorrow. I take myself as a glaring example. I left UB in 2008, and just 3 years after in 2011, I came back to work there. What if I had vomited on the road? I would have come back to clean it sooner, if at all.
BaretaNews: Thank you for talking to BaretaNews

UB Official: It was a pleasure. Thank you for your concern about our work as stakeholders in combating student juvenile behaviour. Hopefully, together, we will be able to go a notch higher. Thanks indeed!

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