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UB Bows To Lockdown Calls, Shuts Down Activities



UB Bows To Lockdown Calls, Shuts Down Activities

By Mbah Godlove

Authorities of the University of Buea, UB have massively begun respecting a five-day lockdown announced by Ambazonia Forces.

A BaretaNews source at the institution’s Central Administration revealed that all classes and other academic related activities momentarily have come to an end.

Classes have remained empty and the campus completely deserted, with very few campus police rooming about.

“We at the Central Administration are also afraid of the unknown. Right from the Vice Chancellor, VC to anyone of us in the administration, there is general fear with so much uncertainties surrounding these five days,” the source stated.

Meantime, BaretaNews was told many UB students had travelled to neighborhoring Douala, a city in La Republique du Cameroun beginning Tuesday this week for fear of French Cameroun’s military brutalities in Buea and it’s environs.

The situation has not been different in the University of Bamenda, UBa where an insider said exams had been preponed to two weeks before the impending lockdown under the instructions of the institution’s colonial Vice Chancellor, Therese Akenji.

“Lockdown in Bamenda has been very intensed with most of us [UBa staff] apperently subject of kidnap. This has been the topic of debate amongst administrators who due to fear, rescheduled exams to run before the lockdown,” our source said on basis of anonymity.

The shotdown of the two higher institutions of learning, the CEO of BaretaNews, Mark Bareta has said, is testament to the fact that Ambazonian leaders, and not the Biya colonial administration have control over the affairs of Southern Cameroons.

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