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Turning Anger Into Positive Energy



The energy called anger “Be not hasty in spirit to be angry, for anger rested in the bosom of fools”- Ecclesiastes 7;9 Anger as we know it is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. The bible dictionary says it’s a strong emotional reaction of displeasure often leading to plans for revenge or punishment. The Greek original word for anger is ‘Ankhone’ meaning to strangle. I see anger as some sort of energy, a force that is necessary for the effective function of a human being. Just like any force, it is the application thereof that reveals its form, that is whether it is positive or negative energy.

In this light being angry or feeling angry is not a sin. Feeling angry doesn’t mean you are not born again or you are demon possessed no. Feeling angry is human, if you can feel happy so can you feel angry sometimes. It’s our reaction to situations when we are angry that constitutes a problem. Now let us see anger to mean a negative reaction and not just a feeling. Anger has broken hearts, destroyed homes, dissolved mighty organizations, and ruined great nations. Anger has done enough in our lives it cannot be adequately described. Angry people have killed others and killed themselves in the past. God called Moses the meekest man that ever lived (num 23;3) Yet Moses was a victim of anger .

In Egypt when he saw an Egyptian beat a Jew to a point, he got angry and killed the Egyptian and fled away. That cost him a comfortable luxurious life in the Palace, he became a servant to his uncle for years. 40 years later, at the foot of mount Sinai when he returned from receiving the ten commandments and met the Israelites worshiping a statue, in anger he cast the tablet to the ground. One would think that age should have made the anger go away but No age doesn’t handle anger, neither does anointing. See highly anointed Peter, moving with Jesus went ahead to cut off one of the soldier’s ears when they came to arrest Jesus. What did Jesus do? He healed the ear. Wait Jesus healed the ear of a man who came to arrest and kill him. Oh my, you for surely seize the knife cut e hand add am no be so?

Brethren If you are hasty to react when you are angry, you are a fool as per the bible. I’ve heard African psychologist say when angry put a stone in your mouth or count from one to twenty backward before you say or do anything. They say never take any important decision when angry for its most likely the wrong one. When I was young I had a terrible anger. My junior brother will do the slightest thing and I will get so angry I will wish for one second I’m in the world with him alone so I can strangle him. I get consumed by the anger such that I can’t even remember what he did. Everything he does at the moment will seem to irritate me. I will feel like my neck is swollen inside, at his sight, I will lose my appetite. I will take his exercise books and hide, take pen ink and put in the chest pocket of his primary school uniform just to make my mum beat him. Of course, when mum sees the ink on his shirt she will send me to look for a cane. You can imagine what I will find.

At the time of my anger, I am very smart, industrious, I come up with very brilliant ideas on how to deal with my little brother. Yes, that’s the energy piling up, I won’t lack provocative words to throw at him when I’m chanced. Mind you I wasn’t a pagan, I was an active mass boy. See when you become born again, your anger doesn’t, your body doesn’t, only your spirit is transformed. For your attitude to change, it takes a conscious effort from you. You need to choose to not speak when faced with provocation, choose to not react to the situation . Choose to not slap your spouse when she disrespects you even in public. Choose to not write that resignation letter just because you have a misunderstanding with your boss or a colleague. Yes, decide to invest that plenty adrenaline energy into something productive.

My mum will say go and split wood if you are angry. Lol. Believe me, it works. This is the kind of anger which when expressed makes you a fool. Yes, I was a fool as a young boy in primary school. Thank God for grace. You will not be a fool because of your anger in Jesus name. How can one direct anger into positive action? Jesus is an example. He got angry too, but he directed his anger energy into cleaning the house of God, he sent out all businessmen from the synagogue and restored the sanctity of the house of God.

See Hanna, she was so angry at her childlessness and provocation from her house that she entered the temple at Shilo and prayed like a mad woman, babbling words. The priest was like hey you drunk lady stop! When she told the priest her situation he was marveled and moved to bless her. She later gave birth to the great Prophet Samuel. What gets you angry easily? People laugh at you because you are broke and unemployed? Don’t fight them, double your efforts in job search and re-strategize your work approach. They mock you because you are fat? If you wanna be slim, sign up for that slim course now and put your all in it and disprove them, if you don’t want, take good care of that fat fine body such that they will wish they had your body. O yes, before you know you will be thanking those who constantly step on your toes for making you a better person.

The best way to handle anger is the word of God. Read your bible, pray your problems away and trust God that he will wipe your tears. Believe in yourself, and avoid the company of people and situations that flame you up. You should fight your anger angrily. Because anger doesn’t produce righteousness, anger even brings health issues, Stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression and much more. I pray for you today that you shall cease to react adversely, you shall not fall prey of the devil’s manipulation, you shall not live to regret any part of your life due to a decision or action was taken out of anger in Jesus name. #HundredPercentJesus

Brother Cham Formoukom
BaretaNews Contributor


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