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Southern Cameroons Struggle: Why Women MUST Rise & Lead NOW!



Ade Nche in an article to BaretaNews explained the position of women in a revolution. He thinks it is time Southern Cameroons women rise up to lead the struggle. In these 5 points statement, he explained Why Women MUST Rise & Lead NOW!

1. Women revolutionaries in history have often made 100% success. When a colonial tax collector as Nwanyeruwa to count her goats and people so he could estimate her tax, she immediately meet women in her community and discuss the situation and 25,000 women all over the region hit the streets and the colonial government withdrew the decision and force many of the chiefs to resign. Leymah Gbowee, along with the women in Liberia, organized a peaceful movement of thousands of women (praying and crying at the capital city for 3 months) and succeeded in bringing an end to a Civil War which had killed more than 250,000 people in 14 years and Charles Taylor escaped to Ghana. In Egypt a 26yrs old girl Asmaa Mahfouz with four friends storm the Tahrir Square to protest against the Dictator Mubarak and their bold act pull out tenths of thousands of women which caused Africa strongest and biggest army to surrender and the dictator resigned.

2. Women are more vulnerable and suffer most during any struggle as they keep losing their husbands and children and are left to spend the rest of life in misery. The worst are mothers with children and kids to continue taking care of. One man killed equals to 7 mouths that will be starved in our context.

3. Women in times of war are needed to be protected more than men because they are the source of life. Their right to life and protection is more than that of men as such they are the best tools for a peaceful non-violent revolution for armless people. Killing one woman in a just cause who is peacefully demonstrating without arms is considered an act of genocide. Every woman is either a mother of kids or a mother with unborn children.

4. When a woman stands for the TRUTH, she can command thousands angels from heaven to descend and fight for her. Just imagine 20,000 women in both regions acting simultaneously against the colonial government of La Republic in front of the governors offices. There is no man that fell from heaven and all mothers are the same. Their coming together would definitely build an unimaginable aura that forms a shield that surpasses any weapon known to man. I challenge you that every religion and belief system is aware of the WOMAN POWER.

5. A man in any tradition whether armed or unarmed is considered armed by the military and every despotic government. Any physically fit matured man unarmed is a potential weapon in the eyes of any military. This is the sole reason why they must be killed when possible. If only one woman was shut during the past protest, the story would have been different in the eyes of the international community. The worst case scenario will be when a group of women rise without men and a single bullet is let out towards just one of them.

By Ade Nche
Southern Cameroonian

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