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February 10th 2017 in Southern Cameroons



BaretaNews took the pains to compile most of the updates from the Facebook page of Mark Bareta, one of the interim leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium today 10th February prior to 11th February boycott by Southern Cameroonians.

Situational Report.

We can now confirm that today’s ghost towns in all major cities, villages and communities are moving as planned. Reports say places are dead to the maximum. Our people are all indoors praying towards the final destruction of 11th February 2017. Our people are resolute. We keep praying for everyone. God bless you all.

Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo
For the Consortium

The rate at which Southern Cameroons youth are being abducted is alarming . Atia Azohnwi and one other Journalist were abducted last night. It will come a time when all people from West Cameroon shall ignite operation fill the prison and occupy all prisons voluntarily offering themselves up and let’s see how their prisons will take us all. La Republique should stop this provocation. The regime keeps pushing the people more. We would not give up. The struggle continues

#FreeAllArrested #FreeSouthernCameroons

You cannot marginalize and annexed a people for 55+yrs, abduct our people daily, arrest our leaders, cut off our communication, inflict terror on our streets then you expect us to go about smiling as if nothing is happening. Based on these, anyone who is not for us, anyone who wants the status quo to be the same is an “enemy” to the people of West Cameroon, call it a traitor if you wish. How loud can I say so? And there are issues which the people use to keep the momentum. If you directly go against those issues, please you are against the people. This is simple.

The freedom of expression to say what you think or what to support must be separated from the facts and truth of this struggle, once that freedom of expression imprisons the people more and/or stops the people from achieving their freedom to self-rule then you automatically loses such and you become an “enemy” of the people. How better can I say it?

Mark Bareta and I approve this message.

Bishop Kleda Calls Biya to Resign

Yesterday, we learned Biya appointed Bishop Samuel Kleda to mediate in the Anglophone issue. Last year October 16, 2016, the Bishop called on Biya to resign because the Cameroonian youth shall rise up against him. Will the Bishop rise up to the situation now using his new office to maintain that position and calls Biya out on the real issues facing West Cameroon? We are watching.

Mark Bareta

Terror in Jakiri

BaretaNews is getting reports that the Jakiri Parish Priest and 42 more youths have been arrested this morning. The military is all over the place. Also, we learned the colonial police walked into the residence of one Mr. Tangko Blaise at Jakiri municipality today morning at about 5:30 am. They demanded for his phone, ID and then took him away. Tangko Blaise is the Physics teacher at GBHS Jakiri. We continue to condemn this daily attack on our people. Meanwhile, we call on our people to restrain, don’t be violent and God will do it for us. Continue observing the ghost towns.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews

Tension in Furawa

BaretaNews correspondence in West Cameroon writes:

“..The DO of Frurawa subdivision has been beaten by the population and has sustained severe injuries. His right leg almost chopped off. He alongside his secretary have been evacuated to Yaounde via a military helipcopter

Thé Furawa problem broke out due to farmer grazer conflict which was poorly handled by thé DO. Not satisfied with thé verdict, thé disgruntled party stumbled on thé DO and his SG and almost quench their lives. Thé DO’s left leg is half chopped off….”

We continue to call for total restraint from our people. The anger is too much and La Republique must take its place as a colonial administrator over West Cameroon to ensure things return to normal.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews.

West Cameroon is virtually on Fire

“…Developing story on the crisis in Ndop: Two shot today, one feared dead. One referred to Mbingo hospital….” BaretaNews correspondence writes.

This is becoming too much. With no internet in our land, our people are summarily being killed. Many teachers, students have also been abducted in Mbiame, Jakiri etc. La Republique is causing havoc in our land. The people continues to observe Ghost Towns.

The people are resolute. #BoycottFebruary11

Pray for West Cameroon.

We are truly under attack. Please stay home. First Video coming from Ndop. The guns shots are terrible. Stay home people, please those from Ndop call home.

La Republique Begins Crack Down of Anglophone Journalists

Two West Cameroon Journalists have been abducted and detained for allegedly being in possession of bags which had #BotcottFebruary11 flyers. La Republique cannot break us. 11th February is gone. Ghost town is going well.

Mark Bareta.

Ekok, border town in Manyu saw the biggest Ghost town. No movement between Nigeria and Cameroon. Shops were closed. While the military keeps maiming our people, we remain committed to see that tomorrow ghost town is total.
#FreeAllArrested #FreeSouthernCameroons

Mr. Tassang Wilfred, Consortium Leader will in a video message address Southern Cameroonians at 7pm today.

When you listened to Mr. BIYA so-called youth day speech, it is the more reason we have to resist till statehood restoration.

These are acts of Satanism- PCC Synod Clerk

“..My worry is why some people may be led to think that they are gods and no other God exists apart from them! Indiscriminate arrests, torture, detention in undisclosed locations and sometimes outright elimination of lives are symptoms of Satanism!..” PCC Synod Clerk

Munoh Foma ended the day with reaction from Mr. Biya speech ” Screenshots from Biya’s speech to the youths of Cameroon on CRTV Facebook page. Picture say a thousand words. Please get your popcorn and read the comments. We had more than a thousand comments but could only take a few screenshots. Biya wanted to address the youths but the youths were more eager to address the president. Man no run!!! ? ? President Biya, I think you are yet to understand the gravity of this Anglophone palaver. Those who are not telling you the reality on the ground are certainly unpatriotic and on the wrong side of history…”

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