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The Southern Cameroons Independence: A dream that will never fade



The Southern Cameroons Independence: A dream that will never fade.

Liberation struggles all over the world always start with little enthusiasm but end up being a reality. It takes a few to spark the plug but the multitude to spread the flames. All over the world, people who have lived in subjugation, marginalization, and colonization always expect to get out of that bondage, either by blood or by iron. One thing is sure; a people determined for a noble course always end up flying the victory flag.

Many people have asked questions about when independence will come to the Southern Cameroons. The truth is that there is no straight answer to that question until the Southern Cameroonians are able to sit at the seat of their own government in Buea, pass legislations, speak to themselves and be able to decide their own fate by themselves. No one prays for a long haul, but we all pray for absolute freedom which is a given.

Divisions and factionalism are playing a great toll on the struggle but those are simply intricacies that come with any liberation struggle. What is important is the focus on the goal. The good thing is that these divisions are occurring in the diaspora while the home front which is the disputed territory has shown resolute, determination and enthusiasm to free themselves from the shackles of the colonial web. Be that as it may, we don’t see this as a dream anymore because people are not killed in dreams but in reality. Be the judge.

Achiri Atanga

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