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The SIFAC Audit Narratives: 9 Highlights





The SIFAC Audit Narratives: 9 Highlights

BaretaNews as a media house has a corporate responsibility to read through the statements sent out by the Sako IG faction no matter who enjoys it or not. We are doing so because it is the right thing to do. Who else will do if not us? That does not take away one bit our focus on ground zero because this platform is on top of it and you know it. The SIFAC (Sako IG Faction Audit Committee) has released a 40-page Audit narrative, we will highlight to our people the most important points.

1. The Internal Audit Committee (IAC) as the Sako IG calls it stated that the accounting statements were incomplete because of three key persons who refused to testify. These include Caleche Bongo, Tabenyang Brado and Helen Akonji. It must be recalled that these are members of the other IG Faction group. The IAC also said three other individuals did not testify because of time constraint or other duties but they failed to name the three persons who never showed up. We do not know why that was covered. We are hoping that the IAC will name the other three persons publicly. We need to know

2. The IAC said funds were disbursed to members of the IG group without any budgetary procedures. This means it was “pay as you go”
3. IAC said only 54.5 % of funds disbursed were tacitly justified according to them. What happened with the rest?
4. IAC says unsubstantiated resources were disbursed to the following IG members and or contractors: (Amounts in USD)

– Mr Sebastian 367531
– Mr Tabenyang 193864
– Mr. John Egwayan 165491
– Dr. Sako Samuel (Presidency) 86521
– Mr. Chris Anu 64580
– Miss Caleche Bongo 54768
– Mr. Eyambe Elango 15144
– Mr. Elvis Kometa 12543
– Prof Ayangwe 4362
– Barrister Bobga 3735
-Mr. Njaru 2936
– Ambazonia Consulting 140984
– Unknown 122323
-SCBC 98249

Note should be taken that the Ambazonia consulting and unknown amounts seem to be confusing. The IAC was unable to identify the person(s) responsible for the amounts. The IAC was also unable to determine which of the above disbursements were related to the key and fundamental objective of the Ambazonia revolution especially in empowering ground zero. The 40-page document, later on, showed details on where the above disbursements went t All of them centered around travels, office equipment, rents, health, statehouse, charitable donations, legal, meals/entertainment, communications, media, advertising, automobile services etc. In all of these, IAC wondered why was there a fundamental deviation of these expenditures from the MTTB goal

5. IAC says the IG financial statement do not give a true and fair picture or view of the IG financial position

6. IAC says they could not establish or determined money received from western union, bank depôsits, fundraisers, individual cash contributions. The feelings sounded as if it vamoosed. Did it?

7. Though IAC says Tabenyang refused to testify and providing documentation, they had an hours-long lengthy phone conversation with Tabenyang Brado though according to them it was unproductive and worth nothing

8. Chris Anu according to IAC should transfer ABC TV documents to the IAC as it is state property.

9. IAC failed to conclude on any fraud or held any individual down. They never reached any conclusion on financial fraud
Stay tuned as we bring you tomorrow the last of the IAC report.

Mark Bareta

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