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Eseka: SDF South Africa Barks While Fru Ndi Looks On




The Social Democratic Front South Africa has issued a Press Release even before the Mother National Chapter could react. Information suggests Fru Ndi NEC shall meet this Saturday 29th October 2016. The Press Release signed by Mr. Taka, Regional chairman; Mr. Roland Chebefuh, Regional Secretary reads:

Considering the collapse of the Douala-Yaounde Highway a National road and its resulting impact on the socio –economic landscape of the country;

Considering the tragic happenings in Cameroon in Eseka where Cameroonians lost their lives and are dying in hospitals due to the derailing of the overloaded CAMRAIL train,

Considering the neglect of national roads as is evident in the deplorable state of most of our roads : Mbouda –Bamenda highway, inner city roads in Bamenda , Douala ,Garoua etc, just to name a few.

The SDF in South Africa advocates as follows;


  1. We want to extend our heartfelt condolences to all the families and friends of the victims of these tragedies.
  1. We want to call on all Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon to stand in unity during these very trying moments for our nation and its people.
  1. We want to strongly call on the government to compensate the families of those affected and in the case of any insurance ensure that the processes for claiming are swift and free from our well known bureaucratic bottlenecks.
  1. That CAMRAIL be put under administration with competent industry experts deployed during the transition period to ensure that this important institution is able to deliver on its mandate.
  1. We want to call on the government to take full responsibilities for all funeral and burial costs for victims. In the case where the victim is a breadwinner the state must provide for the surviving spouse and sponsor all kids till university level.
  1. We want to also call on President Paul Biya to establish a commission of inquiry with a simple mandate to investigate what went wrong so that the rumors that surround these events are clarified and for the people of Cameroon to find closure.
  1. We want the contract of CAMRAIL to exploit the rail system of our Country to be made public especially in terms of what capital investments on the rail infrastructure CAMRAIL and the BOLLORE Group should be held accountable for?
  1. We want the government to also through the Minister of Transport make public to Cameroonians by publishing in a minimum of 3 national newspapers, what Immovable Asset Management Plan we have had as a country over the last ten years and the level of compliance with this plan. This would help Cameroonians understand the true state of our road networks and infrastructure so we can fairly appreciate its contribution to accident occurrences and loss of life.
  1. SDF in South Africa wants to frown on the slow emergency response system that exist today in Cameroon. The government needs to also share with Cameroonians what the National emergency and disaster management plan looks like and the level of compliance with its provisions. Many lives were lost due to slow emergency response and our hearts are filled with grief for the dead, their families especially (orphans, widows widowers, loss of breadwinners etc)
  1. Fellow Cameroonians the SDF in South Africa calls on all Cameroonians both at home and in the diaspora to unite for Cameroon because it is our believe that the events mentioned above are negative outcomes of a system that is neglected , looted and only in unity can we guarantee the future of our great nation and its people.





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