The Months Ahead Shall Be Difficult, Ambazonians Must Prepare- Cho Ayaba







My fellow Ambalanders,

This morning, I was briefed on the state of the defence of our independence. Our defense forces are battling the enemy across 12 Counties and they are taking the fight to enemy bases, mounting roadblocks and disrupting enemy movements. Our defense forces have also grounded the movement of our resources and successfully stopped the continuous flow of alcohol into Ambaland. They are making direct rule difficult and making military occupation impossible. Cameroun’s top military personnel are relocating or taking down their visible symbols of occupation and mixing with the local population. Our tactics are to disrupt, disorganize, confuse and undermine the most critical element of governance; which is the semblance of the monopoly of power and ORGANISATION. Our overall strategy is working perfectly, and we are able to insert contingency measures where there are enemy disruptions and changes in enemy thinking and planning. Our defense forces are becoming more organized, more coordinated and have shown a great sense of patriotism in the way they conduct themselves, support one another and protect our vulnerable people.
There are still some traits of negative character amongst renegades. Extortion, harassment of civilian population has been reduced but remain a threat that is being exploited by elements of the regime. We do not take lightly these threats and we will continue to work with our local population to apprehend all those who continue to terrorize our population and make their lives miserable.

Fellow Ambalanders,

While the ground game is going on our messaging MUST be in sync with the progress we are making. The enemy should NEVER dictate the message. While we must observe the enemy action, reaction, and posture, our overall strategy had been designed to self-adjust to these realities. In most revolutions, once direct rule becomes difficult, the oppressor recruits collaborators and enablers to help them maintain governance. This happened in East Timor, South Africa and in other revolutions. They employed Oben Peter Ashu and Abety during SDF days and their tactics of divide and rule failed woefully. These are signs of collapse and we must not panic, and our posture must show confidence, control, and ownership. We have successfully internationalised our campaign and any desperate attempts by hired hands to remake it a domestic issue between Yaounde and Buea is a non-event. Ambazonia has risen and the car we are driving has no reverse gear.

Dear soldiers of the Revolution,

In times like the present leadership requires the demonstration of confidence and a stuck to the plan approach that captures both our sense of focus and maturity in the way we conduct ourselves. I have confidence in the Ambazonian people and their determination, to fight, die, go to jail but be free. I have confidence in our argument in defense of the justness and necessity of our revolution. And finally, I have confidence in our triad approach to both the liberation and reconstruction of the best place to live on earth. The NeverAgain generation has written its story. Every soldier of our revolution will have their names on the footnote of our history. Your contribution will be remembered forever.
The months ahead will be the most difficult. I want everyone to be prepared. Who owns Ambazonia will be decided soon. Who governs it will be decided soon.

God bless us all

Dr Cho Ayaba, Leader Ambazonia Governing Council



  1. Bonie

    August 2, 2018 at 12:08 PM

    Dr Ayaba you are very much appreciated by the millions and the many Patriotic Ambazonians who will fight till the end,yes the car has no reverse gear!our eyes and ears are widely open,etermination is ever stronger for BUEA! the biya regime has demonstrated their hatred acts of barbarism to our vulnerable population while free loading on their exploited resources for 58 years,any Ambalander who stand against our path of independence must be crushed with their families because they are more dangerous chameleon, worst than the enemy biya, if Sonara goes down, it will be the end of french Cameroon in Ambazonia land,petrol very destructive,our local communities must learn simple self defense like petrol bombing those terrorist french Cameroon army trucks driving via their roads, city and villages & their gathering, instead of running in bushes

  2. Papito

    August 2, 2018 at 12:25 PM

    Animals in human skin.
    It is time you realize that there will never in history be a country called ambazonia.

    • Pompidou Mensah

      August 2, 2018 at 10:24 PM

      papito shit head that’s how your name sounds, you are biyas bastard, scared to ask him for money or a job, so you take your sorry yellow belly coward of a reptile ass and come on this forum where you have the freedom to expose your stupidity. Try that by attacking the Butcher of Ambazonia, ask him about Ahidjo, about $180 million spent on trips to biyaland Switzerland,cholera and total under development in shit hole lrc, get off this forum and go work or fight for baby murderers you rich well educated biya bastard.

  3. Dougghy

    August 2, 2018 at 5:30 PM

    Na waooh so the fake country even has fake doctors. Dr cho ayaba = slaughter man. When do you come down on ground zero to guide your maquizards? You must know by now that the situation you think good is a pity if you could ask the population how is their life now you’ll change your mind. Get busy and stop sending innocent people to the grave

  4. Janice Beyongsi

    August 2, 2018 at 10:23 PM

    A Graffi baboon/chimp from the HEART of DARKNESS can be taken out of the jungle but the jungle will never be taken out of him. When the white man came 3 centuries ago, the ancestors of this sub-human fecal matter called CHO Ayaba were roaming the jungle and grass fields with their Big Penises dangling between their thighs. White man taught monkeys like him a bit of English and also went ahead to share Africa !Truly –blacks have very LOW IMPULSE control and will always whine and whine and pretend to be victims like this Ayaba and the online PUTATIVE republic of Ambazonia set up by nobody and recognized by none! For two years now, people have been kidnapped by the marauding gangs called Amazonia defense forces. Others have been starved to death .Pyromania prevails while school children’s destiny have been HIJACKED by these CHILD MOLESTERS! It seems you guys don’t have the genetic faculties to realize that Africa was partitioned among Europeans and their institutions like the UN run the world.None of them hill ever recognize you.You guys have no currency, passports, etc and went abroad with Cameroon passports. You cannot pay a single civil servant but you Ayaba actually sneaked into the country and killed one who was equally a pastor trying to take care of his family by eking a living.You have sold asylum papers to millions abroad and continue to do so while raising tons of money online only to turn and deceive gullible bush men back home with utopian promises. Your PUNK as cannot be deployed on the field but you issue FATWAS behind computer screens like a real CYBER-TERRORIST. You derail the avenue of opportunities for the youth while your children and those of Akwangwa Benji, Boh Herbert, CHRIS Anu Banwa Tse TSE Fly etc attend the best schools from America to South Africa, England to Belgium etc. Stop this hallucination and megalomania you TRUE NYONGO chimps!We, of South West extraction are and will always be a minority within a minority.You have brought you GRAFFI madness and mayhem and pyromania to us with your targets being Buea.We are performing rituals to Efasa Moto and you guys shall take your Neg Chug Batibo Nso Coffee Bang Fen to Bamenda.Piece of shit and cURSED be you Nyongo man

    • Pompidou Mensah

      August 2, 2018 at 10:40 PM

      Janice ugly boom boo face. You were so civilised, how come you are not ruling lrc or your civilised tribe, you are probably cleaning dishes, unable to come up with a square meal, civilised despised spy of lrc or a WHORE. You think you can divide and rule. You are failing badly, take your sorry lazy ass and low intelligence to your cholera, AIDS infected villages, while there ask your bastard father, the Butcher of Ambazonia, to produce another bastard brother or sister with your gay mother.

    • Moh Ewelle

      August 3, 2018 at 10:46 PM

      @Janice Beyongsi
      You simply write rubbish, no substance. Why don’t you have good schools in Cameroon? Name one product from any technical college in Cameroon that is on sale and I will show you Laptops made in Rwanda and Volkswagen cars made in Rwanda.

  5. Bali Nyonga

    August 3, 2018 at 2:16 AM

    Dr. Sako, Dr. Akwanga, Dr. Cho, Dr. Bala etc are all great sons of our land. God bless you all. We Ambazonians stand shoulder to shoulder with you till we completely chase out the invaders of our land.

  6. Papito

    August 3, 2018 at 8:07 AM

    Pompidou Mensah
    I repeat again. Animals in human skin.
    It is time you realize that there will never in history be a country called ambazonia.
    With your mouth like coking spoon

  7. George

    August 3, 2018 at 1:28 PM

    From the insults of francophone trolls such as ‘janice buttface’ one can think that they are very desperate.

    • Clockie

      August 3, 2018 at 5:19 PM

      George, this is what happens when a group of thugs think that they can achieve power through violence.

      No matter how horrific your acts of violence against those who don’t buy your stuff, you cannot silence everybody.

      Many Anglos are just scared of reprisals to tell IG the truth, and that is not encouraging at all.

      IG has ruined Anglos, the damage caused by IG to us is 1000000 times worse than Biya’s in 36yrs. That is the simple truth.

      Now, call me Biya agent or whatever, I care less but we must face the truth. Only so can we better organize the next time and do things like people who’ve got brains, not like people with “Big Penises dangling between their thighs” (Janice Beyongsi: 02.08.2018).

      • George

        August 6, 2018 at 11:27 AM

        I don’t blame you to work for LRC as an agent. But are you sure about your claims? Do you know who sponsors that criminal army who kill thousands of civilians and burn whole villages? Its you and I. La Republique and its 2 presidents have stolen billions of US dollars from the people of Southern Cameroons. As much as our people suffer right now and our businesses are down that is nothing im comparision what they have stolen from us. Challenge me if you think I am wrong. Concerning the violence you mentioned. You must bring that in timely order. Otherwise it is misleading and false. The army and gendarms shot people with peace plants on 22nd Sept 17 and 1st Oct 17. That is what I would call facing the truth.

        • Doughy

          August 21, 2018 at 8:01 AM

          You a little evolutionary gene of negga baboons you claim stolen us dollars did you have more during British and naija administration? You claim poverty but you are useless and cannot even manufacture a peace of chocolate from the cocoa your primitive father grow so what is your challenge do you think the only source of wealth is from government employment
          ? Try to make yourself usefully and show the real talent you claim. Ape with a long penis dancing inbetween the legs.

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