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The Interim Government And Us: The Audit Report And Football Match



The Interim Government And Us: The Audit Report And Football Match

It is true that the Interim Government is considered by most Ambalanders both home and in the diaspora as their government. It has received a fair share of debates vis-a-vis her performance, generates more financial resources than any other movements in the history of Southern Cameroons revolution and many Ambazonians expect it to be performing in all aspects.

It is also true that a considerable number of Ambazonians and nearly all other liberation movements have rejected the idea of a government and consider the IG as just as another movement. They have advanced sometimes reasonable arguments why they think so.

It is also true that both those who view the IG as a government or not have been on the IG back on a daily basis seeking accountability, performance etc and all these are born from the fact the IG and its supporting structures generally dictates the pace of the revolution and that’s why those who accept it as government or not are generally on its ass daily because they acknowledge, a better and performing IG whether as government or not is beneficial to the people of Southern Cameroons.

It is also true that every movement and the Ambazonia people have come to agree that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is the FACE of the revolution and generally commands a Mandela type following and support.

This is why BaretaNews has been the only TRUE people’s platform that sucks the positives, strengths of every sector of our revolution in pushing our independence agenda ahead.

It is also true that it was BaretaNews that broke the news of the IG Audit report. It is also true that it was BaretaNews that said the audit report that was leaked was authentic after the IG tried to insinuate that it was fake but confirmed it was meant only for the eyes of the cabinet. It is also true that it is BaretaNews that has still been silent on the auditing issues because the IG gave a deadline of 15th March for the complete audit report to be out. We respect that.

It is also true that it was BaretaNews who broke the news about Ambazonia to play a friendly nation in early 2019 with Kurdistan. It is thus fair to say that BaretaNews as the people’s platform contributes in generating debates, directs social media talking points and fair enough most Ambazonians even those who disagree with our platform look more unto BaretaNews for better performance and that is why the attacks on Baretanews and its CEO, Mark Bareta have been coming on all fronts of our revolution. We at BaretaNews understand these truths and it is a normal phenomenon especially when people look more unto your platform

However, we have as responsibility to make sure that the overall good and protection of our revolution is not jeopardise.

That said, there are two things we are expecting the IG to do for the people of Ambazonia and BaretaNews as the principal propagator of these news from the IG when it happened is being looked upon to ask questions and issues follow up. We have not forgotten our responsibilities . We take our social responsibility very seriously while keeping in mind the overall good of our revolution.

In late January 2019, I reached out to the IG Chief Of staff, Prof Ayim to ask about the football match the Acting President, Dr. Samuel Sako announced in late 2018. A friendly game we were told Ambazonia will play this early 2019. I reached out because I wanted to give our people feedback on this item. The Chief Of staff asked me to hold on and said the match will take place around March 2019.

However, we are already in mid match and there are no communications about it. We have not seen any preparations towards it and the IG is silent about it. It takes responsibility for the IG to officially report back to the people what has become of this football match. We hope in the days ahead, an official statement should be made whether the match will take place or not. Was it another hype and propaganda? BaretaNews as the media platform who spoke about it over and over, went live, raised people’s hopes and excitement is being bombarded daily about this football event. Let’s see what the IG says in the days ahead.

As concerns the complete auditing reporting, Friday 15th March 2019 was the day the IG said the report will be out. The truth is that Ambazonians financial enthusiasm has dropped as a result of the MTTB. We will hold our take and assumed that since the deadline was a Friday, maybe Monday 18th March, the auditing report will be out. This is very important so that people’s confidence can be boosted once again.

In BaretaNews, we keep it civil and keep our mantra only to the Flag.

See you next week when we will address these two issues as we await complete updates from the Interim Government

God bless Ambazonia

Mark Bareta

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