The Interim Government And The Tumi-Munzu Conference

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The Interim Government And The Munzu-Tumi Conference

The Interim Government, Federal Republic Of Ambazonia now officially says the only option left to satisfy all parties is a UN sponsored Referendum so that the people of the former British Southern Cameroons can make their final say. The Interim Government went on to say this is the only option that will rest the guns.

The Interim Government (IG) Secretary Of Communications, Chris Anu was reacting on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 to the Tumi-Munzi AGC Conference coming up in November, 2018 in Buea. According to the IG, the conference is a non starter and will not resolve the aspirations of the people unless a UN sponsored referendum is called.

The IG gave fierce reasons why the AGC must not hold amongst which is the calculated attempt by its proponents to force the people of the former British Southern Cameroons to continue the political concubinage with Cameroun, a position which has been solely rejected by the vast majority of Southern Cameroonians.

However, BaretaNews is of the opinion that any Southern Cameroonian home or abroad is free to organise themselves, sit, talk and take stock of the current war and its implications into the future of Southern Cameroons. However, such a gathering must not confer itself as an authority to talk or negotiate on behalf of the people unless such a body is a representative of the people fully created, endorsed and accepted by the people. BaretaNews agrees with the IG that the end point shall only be a Referendum so that the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons decides as they did in 11th February, 1961.

Consequently, we at BaretaNews are of the strong opinion that the AGC proponents should be talked to, listened to and make them understand why the mistake of AAC 1, 2 must not be done. This epoch presents a different era with armed struggle in place and scars of the war are still fresh and ongoing and cannot be tolerated anymore especially the thoughts of continuing political union with Cameroun. It presents an opportunity for our people home to express themselves again, expose the calamities of the regime to the outside world as they have always done when given the opportunity to talk on the present conflict. It presents a singular opportunity where such an AGC should end up with a singular resolution as a call for referendum that satisfy the aspirations of both nationalists and federalists and even those who still believe in a supposed one Cameroun.

In the same light, just as proponents of AGC called and spoke, and participated during the just ended Washington DC conference, Nationalists should give them an opportunity let them cry out their voices understanding that nothing really changes and at same time making sure whatever goes on in November, 2018 during the AGC does not skip the aspirations of the people or moves that put Nationalists and federalists in any antagonism as the regime rightly wants. But it presents a bold opportunity whereby back door diplomacy, talks will end up with the intended call for referendum. A position which will galvanise all fragments of Southern Cameroons and put us at talking points of the international community thereby showing the world that the PEOPLE have now asked for one thing: Referendum

Short Live The Revolution
Long Live Ambazonia

Mark Bareta
BaretaNews CEO.



  1. Bonnie

    October 24, 2018 at 10:47 PM

    Rubbish!coward die many times before their death!where will this referendum take place? Ambazonians must continue fighting lrc forces,make their land ungovernable,burn and destroy their money making sources in the regions, chase all those civil servant agents,hold and control their regions then call for their own referendum with no say or interference from crooked,bribery lrc,has a lesson not been learned from recent presidential election? how can one man rule, corrupt and scare an entire grown men and women in a poverty stricken,slum country?is there no one with intelligence who can take Cameroon out of being a corrupt, bribery, embezzling, uncaring, Shithole country?why would anyone talk of referendum now when biya has just corrupted the entire population to fake his victory?educated people of Cameroon are cursed with lacking in theur own confidence and ability to govern,they have all been sucked into blood money,big houses,cars which no one will take into their graves,all these greedy people in the biya regime cannot show any humanitarian in their lives as politician,their souls are just as black as their faces with their fingers covered in blood,they will all perish on this earth till death!

  2. Sunshine

    October 24, 2018 at 11:50 PM

    The referendum will still be “oui” or “Yes” so what’s the deference. We already declared our independence. The UN only has to confirm Ambazonia as the newest state in Africa.

    • Dika

      October 25, 2018 at 4:50 AM

      You are so right.
      The IG should stand by the Restoration of our Independence.

  3. Malis

    October 25, 2018 at 1:17 AM


    Not wasting my time with this garbage.

  4. Big_A

    October 25, 2018 at 5:07 AM

    By UN rules if any UN member recognizes The Republic of Ambazonia you can be considered Independent – (Taiwan, Western Sahara, Kosovo, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus) are not UN members but Independent because they are recognized by at least one member of the UN.

    You are almost there why do you want to go back to Referendum where you can be manipulated again? The whole world watch how the people came our on the 22nd of September 2017, the boycotting of the ballot was another powerful proof that you are on your own.

    If the constitutional council had cancelled the election because 25% did not vote then you will have problems but by them moving forward that is to say you are not considered a part of them.
    Talk to your leaders you are almost there lobby just one country and you are free…

  5. Nchaw

    October 25, 2018 at 7:12 AM

    No Referendum with corrupt LRC .
    We my keep fighting until Free. We are at the door of freedom. Let the IG stop all this low thinking.
    We are not part of La LRC. The just past corrupt election must have spoken for us to the whole world.

    AMBAZONIANS are not coward. They are the most intellectuals among Cameron. But have been under Siege and are still under now. No freedom of anything.
    We must continue fighting till victory.
    No to referendum. No turning back.
    IG want to collects bribes from LRC.
    Enough is enough. How many villages have been burnt?? How many life’s have been killed, burning alive.
    IG AMBAZONIANS are not too low.
    We must live Free.

  6. patience mbuh

    October 25, 2018 at 8:21 AM

    Dear Mark
    This thing of referendum has already been conducted on the 22nd of sept.,1st of oct 2017 and the just ended sham elections in cameroon whereby Ambazonians have proven to the world that they have no business with La Republic.
    Going back to the referendum thing,to begin with,what mechanism is the IG putting in place to check and monitor that so called referendum will not be infiltrated by the citizens of la Republic?They must no forget that La Republic has the most sophisticated election rigging machinery in the world.How far have they gone in lobbying UN and other international organisations to sponsor and monitor such a referendum?it was easy to conduct a referendum in 1961 in southern cameroons because we were a controllable entity at the time.But today it will not be easy.
    l think IG should go for an international campaign for the recognition of southern cameroons/Ambazonia

  7. Mukong

    October 25, 2018 at 6:58 PM

    We must understand that some in the Ambazonian community are so compromised by the demons of LRC to the point where all they see is how to turn everyone in Ambazonia into zombies. That being said, what then is this referendum that people are talking about?
    So much of the blood of our people have been spilled and are continuously being spilled to give room for this garbage call referendum.
    Freedom is earned not given.

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