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The IG has love and genuine concerns for all Amba boys, I will address General RK issue soon-Acting President Sako



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My dear people,

Tuesday November 13th, we woke to a horrifying tragedy that plaqued our land, with heartbreaking images reminding us of French Cameroun’s huge appetite to kill Ambazonians, images that would only lead us to agony, sorrow, sleepless nights and sadness. Once again we saw the evil forces of occupation at the height of their mission to obliterate every living soul within our territory.

Over the past 48 hours, I have had the longest nights after a while, with the tragic incident in Donga Mantung County hovering my thoughts. I am aware that as a result, the emotions across the nation of Ambazonia, home and abroad does not differ even though our responses and/or reactions to the saga may have some conflicts in retrospective.

Ambazonians, we are in an existential battle as we pave our way to freedom through this daring expedition- our Independence actualization. The damages and disasters from this war brought upon Ambazonians by French Cameroun are devastating to our nation, to our people, and most especially to the youths, our women and children.

This war has inflicted unthinkable pain on our determined and brave restoration forces who toil day and night with very limited resources believing that sooner we will look at the planes in the skies and design ours, observe the beauties of Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and have the very opportunity to build our own. Inspite of the uncertainties, they lay down their lives to fight, with the hope that some day Ambazonia will have a voice in this unpredictable world.

It is excruciating to see our beloved brothers being disgracefully wasted by a foreign enemy in their own land. I know the level of sadness that may bring, but we should learn to accept sadness. We have to realize that without losing some battles, winning the war would not be so memorable. I look unto that day because this is a war we shall win.

Regardless of all, we can not minimize the need to place a check on those routes that led to some failures. The truth is, you can better appreciate the wideness and thickness of a forest when you step back and observe from the side mountains.

Fellow Ambazonians,

Over the last 48 hours, I have been to the mountain top, I have taken out time to scan thoroughly, to refine our strategies and counter strategies. I realised that if there is one method employed by the enemy consistently, it is the unfortunate act to turn our own against the struggle. That is exactly the main reason why our hideouts and intelligence might have been punctured sometimes. We have had fake boys stationed in our midst to rake our committies and commit unwarranted acts against our people. This is how our fighters in Donga Mantung were victimized.

We are strict with discipline in our effort to implement the Amba Peace Plan, mobilizing and securing our counties LGA by LGA because situations like the Donga Mantung County saga are predictable and with strictness can be avoidable. I understand that some seeking for their selfish gains have chosen to sabotage this laudable effort with frivolous and ferocious charges against us.

We will not delay our victory by tolerating disorder as we prosecute this war. In the days ahead I will be addressing the General RK and Boyo county affair. As at now, I am carefully consulting with ASC, the affected people of Boyo while the brave general RK undergoes rehabilitation. I would tell you this with no fear of contradiction that, this interim government has genuine concerns and love for every Ambazonian defence soldier more than any individual or group within this revolution. I therefore urge every single Ambazonian to stay resolute and be sure of a great outcome in our endeavours.

Good people of Ambazonia,

Our resilience is our inspiration,
our struggle is rapidly gaining global recognition and steam, with the recent debate at the UK Parliament calling for practical measures to address the ongoing conflict, we should be motivated to galvanize and valorize our ground game using the Amba peace plan, mobilize our counties LGA by LGA. This premium strategy is our unique opportunity to take responsibility from our various communities and secure total liberty in no distant time.

There are some few evil pratitioners trying to endorse the federalist show of arrogance and hypocrisy in our land through AAC3, they are merely doing so to gain and deviate attention. They shall surely hit the rocks. Ambazonians I call on you all to stay focus because this conference has been banned in Ambazonia and so shall it be.

In the end, I wish to remind you that our President Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and our other leaders will be in the kangaroo courts of Yaounde today 15th November 2018. As we hope with great expectations, we should never forget that freedom is a hard but honourable choice to make and we must fight to defend it. Let us enforce the national shutdown of our entire territory-Sisiku AyukTabe National ghost town day, stay vigilant, prayerful and hopeful.

Long live Ambazonia,
Short live the war,
God bless you
And may God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Dr. Samuel Sako

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