The AGovC And The Enabling Enablers: A MISPLACED EXCUSE

The AGovC And The Enabling Enablers: A MISPLACED EXCUSE

Only good things last forever. Only good initiatives sustained itself. Time usually takes care of things, whether good or bad. And actions which are genuine and honest will always last. This is why the so called union with Cameroun cannot last because the foundation was faulty

ARCC came and it has gone without any fruits. Yes, I supported it and said Ambalanders have rights to meet, talk and create whatever they want to do. I stated again, last time that ARCC should self destroy, it seems its members themselves followed my words. APNC has come and it has gone. IG Berlin will come and it will go. The Washington, DC will come and it will go. However, out of all these resolutions, which are borne from the honest sides of our hearts shall live on always. Sometimes we just cause so much pain to ourselves.

I am taking particular note at the Washington DC conference, which begins tomorrow, bringing Southern Cameroonians from all shades of life to talk to one another. There is no way we can ever stop trying at the level of the diaspora to talk to each other and find a working formula. We are going to try harder and harder until we get it. Our heroes and heroines on ground zero, despite the barbarism of Cameroun on them and seeing first hand, atrocities of their relatives have not given up and they keep on trying until they will get Buea.

The only enablers I know are the spies working for Cameroun, the MPs still in Cameroun parliament, the chiefs and Fons, helping Cameroun, those disrespecting Amba rules, CPDM members, ‘Anglophone military officials, Blaglegs and any other Camerounese directly helping Biya against the revolution.

Hon Wirba who still officially is a Federalist is not an enabler, he has done more that what some of us could do; Barrister Agbor Nkongho, a Federalist is not an Enabler, as a moderate, we need certain voices as his. Through his Human Rights Watch, he has been able to document atrocities on the ground. He has been able to articulate the issues at many levels. Hon Ayah Paul Abine, a Federalist is not an Enabler, we read him, we see his works and he went to jail because of his Federalists views. Mancho Bibixy whom we hailed went to jail as a Federalist and officially remain so, he is not an Enabler. Ayah Ayah Abine , a Federalists whose Foundation has done excellently well to our people is not an Enabler. Dr. Fontem Neba whose organisation Consortium started the whole show, brought to light the revolution and even woken up all previous groups that has gone politically dead and comatose is not an Enabler. Elie Smith, a known Federalist who is a journalist and helps in exposing the regime is not an Enabler and there are many many more.

Those who stand for Independence must never fear FEDERALISTS because 2019 is not 1960 not after what we all have seen. There are Federalists and there are Federalists. They exist in categories and when you see genuine ones, you know it. Many of us in our millions left the Federalist train to Independence. We have never been enablers. We believed in the core foundation of Southern Cameroons right to exist. Many of our people back home will show Federalist tendencies for reasons we all know.

Therefore, if All Mamfe Conference more than 50 years back could bring all our parents together (those who thought of Independence, Integration with Cameroun or Nigeria) despite their differences and they could leave the conference with one voice of Independence though the UN at that time torpedoed our parents, what more about us meeting now at this golden age with all what we now know and see?

I respectfully disagree with Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas assertion that the Washington DC Conference is all about our people meeting with Federalists as enablers. That is not the core reason. I think it is all about relevance. Many of us who called these guys enablers, we have had history with them in the past when they were/are still Federalists. We have called, met and even ate with them. Why not just stop communicating with them because we think differently? We say certain things in public but privately we do the contrary? The same AGovC had sent private letters for a meeting to all those mentioned above as revealed by Dr. Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga, what happened with the enabling status? I read the latest post from Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas where he says “No To Washington DC Conference”. This is and was sad. I think since we cannot meet with so called Enablers, why not we just say we can never dialogue or negotiate with Cameroun leaders who have and are doing the actual killings of our people. Who is more of an enabler?

Comrade Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga, comrade Samuel Sako, Comrade John Mbah Akuroh, Comrade Elvis Kometa, Comrade Boh Herbert and all other leaders attending the conference are great people. These are people who will not compromise the position of Southern Cameroons Independence. These are people especially comrade Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga who has been in jail for years and still suffering the effects cannot for once compromise the position of Ambazonia.For anyone to think these leaders will all go to Washington DC and give in to so called enablers is a type of modern day political manipulation I am yet to decipher. Independentists are in their majority both home and abroad and I am confident that Washington, DC may add another stone untop of the building we are constructing to reach Buea and we cannot seem to sabotage the conference in the name of so called enablers. How come we are afraid of the so called enablers and yet proof to be tough? I think it is disrespectful to who Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga et al mean to this revolution.

To conclude, I think to have a hardliner in any revolution is good, to have an extreme, extreme position in cases like ours is important and good for our revolution. The AGovC leadership seems to fit in that position, but sometimes it is not all about what the “I” syndrome think or what the “Our group” must or should do. To miss out on this conference on the flimsy excuse of the so called enablers is something which may come back to bite in many different forms.

The REAL reason for the absence of the AGovC is known only to them because the optics do not add AT ALL and I think the AMBAZONIA PEOPLE GET IT.

Good luck to the Washington DC Conference of the ALL SOUTHERN CAMEROONS PEOPLE.

Good Night

My names are Mark Bareta



  1. Tabot

    March 29, 2019 at 8:52 AM

    Mark Bareta, don’t get things twisted because federalists (in house foes) are even worst for the struggle at this point in time. Our people listen to them back then in 1961 and look at where it got us today, an ongoing genocide in Ambazonia. It time for the federlists to listen to independentists this time round. Independent analysts have come out and said that the only best option for us is an independent Ambazonia. The romance with federation should stop.

  2. Mbeuh

    March 29, 2019 at 11:56 AM

    If we (independentists, Federalists and Unionists) believe to all belong to the territory of the former British Southern Cameroons FIRST and foremost and plan to build a tolerant democracy where all voices of dissent or support MUST BE HEARD, then an all inclusive conference should not be a matter of debate at all. Like Mark Bareta points out in the above article, the overwhelming majority of our people are for INDEPENDENCE should a referendum be offered where ONLY Southern Cameroonians are allowed to vote (a doubtful exercise given LRC desperation to continue colonialism).

    What gets to me is the tens and tens of conferences that have been and are being called to BEG grown up adults for UNITY in a cause that is affecting US ALL. It gets even worse when one watches Facebook/Youtube video postings in which frontline leaders/activists come on to peddle their Bachelors, Masters and doctorate degrees and how much more money they make over the other while our brave ground zero fighters are risking their lives and being killed in defense of the territory. Can we stop this infantilism and focus whole heartedly on the common enemy which is Yaoundé? Can we save all these travel expenses (airplane rides, hotel accommodations and item 11 merriments) and instead hold teleconferences, consult with each other via phone, text, postal mail? What is wrong with us? We should at this point be consolidating on the gains of resisting the Biya murder machine almost three years on, something Etoudi never imagined. Let us heed to the Biblical admonition in Matthew 12:25 which states: “A house divided can never stand”. It is hypocritical for anyone opposing inclusion of former British Southern Cameroon Federalists, Unionists and Independentists in these ongoing and future conferences and yet embrace the clarion calls from the International community for Biya to hold AN ALL INCLUSIVE DIALOGUE WITHOUT PRECONDITION. After all, as Mr. Bareta writes, some day Ambazonian leadership will have to sit across the table with Biya’s cabal to work our a peaceful separation. Let this be food for thought for now. May the souls of our fallen compatriots Rest In Peace. Short live the struggle, Long live the free people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

    • Bali-Nyonga

      March 30, 2019 at 6:01 PM

      “What gets to me is the tens and tens of conferences that have been and are being called to BEG grown up adults for UNITY in a cause that is affecting US ALL…….Can we save all these travel expenses (airplane rides, hotel accommodations and item 11 merriments) and instead hold teleconferences, consult with each other via phone, text, postal mail? What is wrong with us?” Mbeuh

      Ask me Comrade Mbeuh! What is really wrong with us?
      We were expected to raise $10K transport fare for 2 comrades flying in from Cameroon to attend this conference. I am happy I did not contribute and instead supported the evacuation of a wounded Amba-boy for medical care.

  3. patrick tabetando

    March 29, 2019 at 5:58 PM

    Conflicts resolution: When you disagree with someone,what do you do?
    1)You analyse each other’s views separately to find out what is common.
    2)You impose your will on your opponent.
    3)You give and take( make a compromise).
    We can learn from each other even from those with opposing views.
    To me, everything goes with listening even listening to our opposite views and views of antagonists.
    I was a federalist, now an Ambazonian ; because enough is enough; bifra, anglofool, killing my people,sending people on exile,many in the diaspora doing business elsewhere as a result etc

  4. patrick tabetando

    March 29, 2019 at 6:15 PM

    Nobody tells the other to stop talking,attend a conference or not,kill someone or not, do good or bad;but’Everything goes says Lakatos”, a Griek philosopher: The anwesr is arguments of reason, truth, honesty,values and morals for yourself and your community(Ambazon..)

  5. Mukong

    March 29, 2019 at 6:45 PM

    Brother Mbeuh, you could not have articulated things any better than you have already done. Yes, holding all these conferences is not cheap and yet we have individuals whom we expect to act with some common sense behaving like clueless individuals. Conferences are held by Universities in the United States with Universities in other continents of the world today and those of us in the diaspora who are obsess with conferences you think will emulate this example. Strangely enough, some of the organizers of the Washington DC conference are among those who faulted President Sisiku Ayuk for having his cabinet in one place in the Nera hotel of Nigeria. Today we see these very individuals doing exactly what earlier on was a taboo. So what happened to selflessness? Why can these talking heads in the diaspora not learn a thing or two from the “Never Again Generation” on GZ.
    It was really sad the other day to have someone displaying his diplomas and also telling the world how much money they make as a way to say they are better than another person. At least the good thing is that we are at least having individuals exposing their weaknesses by themselves. Frankly speaking, Ambazonia should be the reason we are all in this struggle and not all these grand standing and child play.

    • Bali-Nyonga

      March 30, 2019 at 6:23 PM

      “It was really sad the other day to have someone displaying his diplomas and also telling the world how much money they make as a way to say they are better than another person.” Mukong

      While I agree with you that talking about salary and job in this revolution is immature, the case in point was OK. It was a rebuttal to a continuous vicious attack on the presenter, whom we all had failed by our being silence when his family/personal life was being attacked, falsely. I listened to it after someone forwarded it to me with a take similar to yours and Mbeuh. We could have stopped this by equally condemning what transpired for over 2 years leading to this. We all were quiet and when he reacted as any human would, we started blaming him. If what he did would stop the madness against him and his family, good for him. He has the responsibility to protect his family.

      I strongly believe that it’s ok to slap a mad man especially when overly provoked, his illness notwithstanding.

  6. Mukong

    March 30, 2019 at 9:38 PM

    Brother Bali-Nyonga, thank you for the rebuttal. Point well taken. However, I made that statement because, if there was anyone who would have handle those criticisms well, it should have been our Brother. Knowledge is power and I strongly believe his education equipped him with the skills to have a thick skin.

  7. Aaron Nyangkwe

    April 7, 2019 at 3:49 PM

    I think people should understand Mr Ayaba. We are in a révolution and only action counts. Hé is on thé action side and if people think that they hold “conférences” to push thé révolution foward, then, no need to appoint fingers.
    This révolution IS just at its beginning and needs strong action on ground zéro. For those who understands this, holding conférences won’t lead us thé solution. Strategic consultations for ways of reinforcing activities on GZ IS what is important.
    Opérations are currently on on GZ. Let’s not forget that.

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