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In line with the ongoing Lawyers protest in Anglophone Cameroon, the African Bar Association has called on the French government to use their leverage on the Government of Cameroon to call Paul Biya to order. The African Bar Association also sharply condemns the government of Paul Biya for the poor and shabby treatment of the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers

In a Press Release dated 14th December 2016, the President of the association Hannibal Uwaifo wrote ” The African Bar Association is saddened by the gradual decent of Cameroon into chaos as a result of the activities of the recalcitrant regime of President Paul Biya. The brutalization of Lawyers in their legitimate demand for justice in their country and the attempt to gag the press and curtail the right to freedom of expressions and peaceful Assembly in Cameroon is an evil wind that will blow the Government of President Paul Biya to no good, instead as history has taught us all, victory for the oppressed people of Anglophone Cameroon is certain..”

African Bar Association Letter

While the association sympathizes with the Cameroon common law lawyers, they called out on France to intervene and call Paul Biya Government to order.

This declaration is coming at a time the UN Human Rights Commission has condemned the government of Paul Biya as well as Amnesty International calling on Government to investigate the murder in Bamenda and Kumba.

BaretaNews noted that Barrister Nkongho Agbor Balla, the Fako Lawyers Association President who is one of the faces of the common law lawyers strike action is a member and vice-president of the African Bar Association

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