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Copyright, (2016), Mark Bara

The Cameroun Tribune on Monday, 1st February 2016 published names of the so-called CPDM Elite from North West Region, Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons calling on Cameroun aging 83 dictator Paul Biya to seek another presidential term come 2018. While agreeing that it is within Cameroun law and constitution for emperor Biya to run for another office, I believe it is unbearable to have him in Etoudi again considering his age, track record, state of Cameroun economy and longevity in office. Elections have always been decided by the mechanism put in place by Biya and his sycophants, it has never been about the choice of the Cameroons people. The Cameroons need fresh ideas, new ways of doing things to engineer the country into the hub of Africa’s prosperity. The current octogenarian regime cannot deliver and must be flushed out.

Earlier we read Universities in Africa with their professors and intellectuals making strides to put their countries onto the world map positively, Cameroun own intellectuals remain to be seen along the political corridors sending and drafting motions of support to a grandfather to seek another term. They have shunned away their research capabilities that could produce emerging results, but to roam about Yaounde seeking for political appointments.

These sycophants of individuals in fact do not like President Paul Biya. It is evident that they wish him ill luck. They want to punish him and see him dead sooner than later. These groups of vandals hate the Cameroons people and more especially people from the Southern Cameroons. I am therefore for the sake of posterity reproducing their names as published in Cameroun tribune. Cameroonians of good will should take note of these names. They should store them somewhere. These names would become useful as soon as the needs arise. I do not know what you want to do with the names today, but if you must act, act unilaterally.

Christians say sometimes sins of the Father always follow their children, I do not know what Islam, Buddhists, Traditionalist or Pagans say. What have you? Below are the NW Biya Disciples.

1. Fon Aneng Francis
2. Mme Mundi Regina
3. Fon S.N. Angwafo 111
4. Philemon Yang
5. Atanga Paul Nji
6. Mbah Acha Nee Rose Fomundam
7. Ghogomu Paul Mingo
8. Fuh Calistus Gentry
9. Doh Jerome Pengaba
10. Nkuo Theresia Akenji
11. Fonye Francis
12. Njingum Musa
13. Fohtung Samuel
14. Ama Tutu Muna
15. Shey Jones Yembe
16. Enyih Atogho
17. Kibuh Henry
18. John B. Ndeh
19. Abety Peter
20. Fai Yengo Francis
21.Nyinyam Stephen
22. Chumbaw Samuel
23. Acham Peter Cho
24. Titanji Peter Cho
25. Tafah Edokat
26. Lambi Cornelius
27. Simon Achidi Achu
28. Wanlo Chamao John
29. Awanga Zacharias
30. Fon Ganyogah 111
31. Fon Teche Njei 11
32. Emma Lafon
33. Wallang David
34. Dingha Ignatius
35. Nji Fidelis
36. Kwei Andrew
37. Mbumseck Genesis
38. Abe Micheal Ndra
39. Banmi Emmanuel
40. Wallang Richard
41. Enwei Francis
42. Fon Chafah
43. Baba Amadou Danpulo
44. Lantum Daniel
45. Ncho Adu Joseph
46. Uphie Melo Chinje
47. Ngafesson Emmanuel
48. Akwo Fabiola
49. Tenning Mongwa
50. Ndifontah Nyamdi
51. Chick Marcus
52. Njong Eric
53 . Sama Margaret
54. Wango Francis
54. Waingeh Albert Ndim
55. Ntoi Joseph
56. Talla Nji Godlove
57. Chiangeh Grace
58. Fru Angwafo
59. Bernard Nwana
60. Bungo Jean Paul
61. Adamu Musa
62. Akwa Patrick
63. Fru Jonathan
64. Mbayu Felix
65. Jaji Manu
66. Forgwei Alfred
67. Fongod Edwin
68. Ndoping Micheal
69. Moh Sylvester
70. Matoya Cletus
71. Ndang Denis
72. Ngong Christopher
73. Asheri Kilo
74. Adrian Wirdzem
75. Kumasi Simon
76. Nganteh Martin

God is still saying something

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