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Cameroonians in thailand

Thailand has been a busy destination for most Cameroonians who seek a better life. Cameroonians in Thailand have been very law-abiding going about their various activities. However, shock waves was sent through the Cameroonian community in Thailand yesterday when the crime suppression division and Thai immigration bureau presented to the media a Cameroonian gang producing fake Thai visas, marriage certificates, fake diplomas, fake Thai teachers license, fake Thai culture certificates, fake entry and exit immigration stamps, 18 Cameroonian passport and 42 stamps

The Thai immigration bureau chief, Pol LT General Natthon Phrosunthon said the 3 suspect :Silvanus kabila Fonsam (Aka Ba foncham ), Rose Onege-bu and Asu Akboneke were arrested on June 20 at their apartment in Ramkhamheang, minburi district as part of the transnational crime crackdown


Silvanus Kabila Fonsam is working as an English teacher in Thailand. He is the Vice President of Cameroonians Association in Thailand. Reports indicate lots of fraudulent stamps passports and degrees were uncovered. Cameroonians in Thailand are worried. Some are worried that this move is already tarnishing the image of genuine Cameroonians in Thailand.

Most degrees were from the university of Yaounde and Dschang were faked.

God is still saying something.


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