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Terrorist Presidential Guards Teleguided Commonwealth SG To Buea








Paul Biya, President of La Republique du Cameroon (LRC), personally assigned a troop of presidential guards to escort Commonwealth Secretary General (SG), Patricia Scotland, while she went on a fact-finding mission in Buea, Capital of Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

From Tiko, through Mutengene to Buea, heavily armed colonial forces, hijacked the road, sending every living forces out of the high while Mrs Scotland went on to Buea. She was giving instructions on everything she did or said in Buea. Certainly, the remote-control gesture was to deter her from knowing the truth

As early as 7:00 am, Friday December 22 2017, forces loyal to the colonial regime, mounted barricades, sending everyone out of the road, including vehicles and even pedestrians. It was clear, the colonial forces had been instructed to perturb any demonstration that had been rumoured over social media.

According to Prof Eben Cho, lecturer in the University of Buea, Patricia Scotland was certainly keen to have noticed that she was welcomed on the highway to Buea, by heavily armed soldiers, giving the true picture of the daily realities of the people of Ambazonia.

“When a high profile visitor like Mrs Scotland visits an area like this, she is expected to see a jubilant crowd welcome her on the highway. Paul Biya had told her everything is going on well in Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately, she has seen for herself that people are being hostaged by heavily armed men. And off course, that is the daily reality of how people live in tight chains here in Southern Cameroons,” Prof Eben bemoaned.

Enter Discussions with Southern Cameroonians in Buea

In their characteristic style, the presidential guard treated everyone in an around the Buea Council premises as a suspect. So they intimidated, and pushed aside anyone they find not convincing to be part of the ceremony. Colonial governor Okalia Bilai was at onetime, almost thrown away by the guards.

On the discussion panel at the Buea Council hall, were cream of well enlightened group of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Religious authorities, Youth Groups, and Traditional Authorities from the Northern and Southern Zone.

Like many of those who stood up and spoke, Mr Nyieke Ndive, a Civil Society Activist, told the Commonwealth scribe that the people of Southern Cameroonians are living in hell on earth. For five minutes, he narrated how colonial forces of LRC carryout mass human rights violations in Southern Cameroons.

“Mm Scotland, you cannot live for two days here in Southwest (Southern Zone), without getting news of arbitrary arrests, miming, and even looting. The government does not want to solve this problem, but rather enjoy the daily human rights violations that take place here in the Northwest and Southwest Regions (Northern and Southern Zones). We thank God that you finally came to Buea. Please go back and initiate enabling grounds for a lasting solution to be sought so this crisis can end,” Mola Nyieke lamented.

Even before he could round up, the presidential guards ordered for the microphone be taken away from the human rights activist. It was thence, that journalists were sent out and the discussions continued in camera.

However, it was filtered that religious authorities pleaded with the Commonwealth scribe that her body should pilot the dialogue negotiations between the warring factions in the Southern Cameroons crisis.

By Lucas Muma

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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