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Tension In Buea As Man Stabs Friend to Death



Tension In Buea As Man Stabs Friend to Death

By Mbah Godlove

There has been commotion and grief in Buea, capital of Ambazonia, following the brutal killing of a young man by his own friend.

Earlier on Thursday February 10, a disagreement reportedly ensued among two friends who latter quarreled bitterly to a level where they almost got into a fight.

Onlookers struggled to resolve the spar and one of the two at loggerheads returned home to regain his right state of mind.

Instead of going home too, the other followed his friend hopping that they were going to resolve their differences.

As he got to his friend’s house, out of hanger the duo picked up a fight which results in blood shed.

A BaretaNews source revealed that one of them pierced the other with a pair of scissors.

Filled with regret, he carried the injured friend to the Buea Solidarity Clinic where he was declared dead minutes later.

While the population mourn the death of the young man, others are hunting the alleged murderer to avenge their anger on him.

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