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The Supposed Biya Coming to Bamenda: To Steal, Not to Give Life



Negotiations with the two Cameroons

The Supposed Biya Coming to Bamenda.

We have heard rumours about Biya planning to come to Bamenda in the days or weeks ahead. This should not excite us because his coming or not will solve no problem. He is President of La Republique. He is not my president and I hope he is not yours too. He lost legitimacy over West Cameroon. He is an occupier. When your slave master visits, you don’t get excited. You need to become more prayerful and careful because he is coming to steal not to give life.

Stop all the excitement. We have won nothing yet. The struggle is a long one. Christians should intensify their prayers for our country West Cameroon especially to our leaders in the Consortium.

Our leaders should be able to meet Biya on a dialogue table as equal partners. He is representing his country La Republique and our leaders are representing us. Any dialogue about changing the form of the state must be done in the presence of the UN. We are a people with rights to self-determination.

In fact, La Republique is not even serious about dialogue. The President right down to his junior officers have insulted us as Boko Harams, extremists etc. We must not be seen begging. They need to beg us for federation. We must check ways of crushing La Republique non-violently. Let us keep the faith believing God is with us.

Let us also warn our so called chiefs, Fons and CPDM elites. I call on you in ways appropriate to challenge and fight any Fon, chief or elite who want to sabotage our struggle. Use unilateral actions to stop them.

Don’t give up. The struggle continues

This is Mark Bara and I approve this message

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