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Stop the Genocide In Ambazonia or History Will Hunt You – UNESAF Tells AU






The Union of Emerging Societies in Africa (UNESAF), a legalised Pan African Organisation, has called on the African Union (AU), to open investigations and stop the genocide currently going on in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

In a strongly worded letter addressed to the AU Chairperson, Dr. Moussa Faki Mahamat, UNESAF blames AU’s suspicious silence to be one of the propelling factors in the fuelling of extrajudicial killings currently taking place in Ambazonia.

The letter dated, May 18 2018, and co-signed by UNESAF’s Chairperson, Itoe Francis Ebongue and the Programs Coordinator, Richard Akuffo Yirenkyi, the Pan African Organisation is calling on AU to pre-empt any unforeseen circumstances, in the already decayed situation.

Excellency, the inhuman treatment dashed onto the people of Southern Cameroon by the Republic of Cameroun is beyond imaginations; the killings, maiming, raping, express use of firearms, the burning of homes with people inside and over seventy villages set on fire and indigenes fleeing to bushes, forests and neighboring Nigeria for refuge is weighing beyond genocide expression, more than 160,000 people including children, pregnant women and aged people have been displaced for what could or can be avoided. How can a people simply expressing their rights to self-determination and better living conditions suffer targeted killings with a clear password to ethnic cleansing? This is unacceptable in the 21st century where we have all intelligence, resources and competences to quench the fire on the mountain. We wish to also inform the world through this letter that the War President Paul Biya declared to the people of Southern Cameroons with a new name “The Federal Republic of Ambazonia” terming them terrorists, extremists, secessionists etc is a backup of his colonial rule and master “France” to continue the annexation of the people and their territory which is still unacceptable and a violation of the United Nations Charter, African Union Charter and all Treaties and Conventions duly ratified nationally, regionally and internationally,” the letter read in part.

UNESAF also reminded the AU that amidst thunderous calls from international organisations, for a lasting solution be set to end the crisis, Paul Biya and CameroUn have decided to shun all dialogue, and instead engage the deprived people of Ambazonia into a full-blown war. To that, UNESAF urges the AU to join them in heaping Cameroun with the worst of sanctions, that can stop the ongoing genocide.

“UNESAF and other Civil Society Organizations in Africa shall not hesitate in the nearest weeks and months to adopt a systematic sanction that will freeze all the diplomatic institutions and economic investments of the Republic of Cameroun in the African continent. UNESAF and other civil societies in the continent cannot support or watch any form of genocide, war or other sort of crises detrimental to the future of Africa and Africans. We further join the rest of Africa and the World to alert President Paul Biya to immediately and unconditionally adhere to the call for negotiations and to release all the leaders of the Pro-independence Southern Cameroons who were illegally abducted at Nera Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria and extradited to the Republic of Cameroun in violation of International Human Rights Law,” the letter read in part.

The letter that also included some startling revelations about the present state of Southern Cameroons, amid continues brutalisation from LRC, suggested that Paul Biya and his cohorts be pressured to end the crisis.

UNESAF is a legalised Pan African Organisation, found in almost all the countries in Africa. The promote justice and a one and united Africa.


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By Bernadette Nkembi

Roving Reporter – BaretaNews




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