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Statement From Mark Bareta: Southern Cameroons Political Activist



Mark Bara

We have come a long way. Within the last year, some of us have gone marked with the sign of faith. We pray for the repose of the souls of all those gone beyond us. May their souls rest in peace. We thank God for another year.

This forum has been one of debates, laughter, and political activism. We are entering a new year with heavy hearts because our people were killed by the occupational forces of La Republique. We are entering a new year still as an annexed people. We are entering the new year when the very existence of our identity is at the brink. Together, we have made our voices heard and we would continue doing it until freedom comes. Therefore, our new resolution this year should be to pay allegiance to the resistance to ensure the restoration of our West Cameroon statehood.

I want to use this opportunity to wish you all in this platform a Happy New Year. You have no idea how I love to read and engage with you people. You guys have been tremendously supportive. Away from God, you guys are my shield. I have seen how defensive you guys can be to anyone who tries to touch me. Thank you. I know I have not been perfect but I want to seize this opportunity to make amens to all those I may have hurt in one way or the other knowingly or unknowingly in my posts and/or responses- our disagreements and agreements only make us stronger. Let us continue believing in ourselves knowing that we have one mission which is the ultimate restoration of our statehood.

There is no new year celebration for me (I hope for you also) because we are in a struggle. When you are in a struggle, you do not celebrate, once you loose sight, the enemy will struck. The struggle is entering phase two from today January 1st, 2017 and we all have the opportunity to make it successful. We can do it. Let us dare.

La Republique is in panic. They are surprised because we have succeeded in dismissing and killing the impression that there is a supposed NW/SW divide. This divide is an imagination of the regime. We have shown unity, we are one people and yes Southern Cameroons is ONE AND INDIVISIBLE.

I want to thank also our teachers and lawyers for the strides so far. I know some of us on social media may have acted wrongly in some ways that got your nerves up, please forgive us and continue being prudent in your actions. As it stands, the grounding of our schools and courts aches La Republique so much. We must continue grounding our schools and courts even if it means for a year til our objectives are met.

It is my proposals that, we should be looking at other boycotts in the next days so as to inflict a cost on La Republique such as not paying taxes, stopping the shipping of foodstuffs to La Republique etc. We must also boycott 11th February 2017. I am confident we may not even boycott 20th May because by then our statehood must have been restored. I am therefore adding my voice to call for an imminent All-Southern Cameroons(West Cameroon) conference to respond adequately to Mr. Biya end of year innuendos that we are extremists. We are a people with a right to self-determination. We must begin the road map now.

As we look forward towards 2nd January Peaceful walk, I pray we exercise our right to protest in all serenity.

Happy New Year
Long Live Southern Cameroons.
Long Live BaretaNews Platform.

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