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Southern Cameroons Today: A Volatile Environment



Interim Government of Buea





Southern Cameroons is not safe-Watch out
Good afternoon people of Ambazonia

We are getting some disturbing reports from Southern Cameroons. First and foremost I did warned yesterday during my live show on facebook that the environment for school resumption is not conducive. I said though every child has a right to education, that right also include quality education and studying in a free environment, the latter in which are absent thus we must continue school shut down. Within the last days we have seen angry unknown persons taking down school structures in Southern zone and Manyu most especially.

Today, we are getting reports that a dormitory in Saint Augustine Nso was brought down by fire last night and parents whose children stuff were still on campus are rushing to pick them up. I warned that should stubborn parents go ahead to send children to school, angry persons might act on these innocent kids on way to school or in boarding schools because the state cannot quarantee security for all. This is why parents must not take the risks to send children to school. The times are in danger.

Secondly, we have seen images on social media of dangerous explosives gotten from Mbengwi by La Republique security, on the danger side imagine that such explosives were used in a boarding school at night or during the day in the gathering of students? Who are we to blame?

We will blame you parents and most especially Paul Biya for not focusing to ensure a safe return of normalcy by doing everything possible to see that the legitimate demands of the people are on the dialogue table.
We as a people have a responsibility to protect our people by making sure school does not resume until the right thing is done


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