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Southern Cameroons: Self Determination To Be Discussed At the UN







BaretaNews UN Statement: Restoration is in our hands

United Nations General Assembly

Southern Cameroonians both home and abroad must become more resolute now than before. The resistance home in terms of ghost towns and school shut down must be maintained and intensified. The United Nations and its members must continue to see that things home are different. Home forces must continue to make ground ungovernable.

United Nations meet in New York in September and one of the item on the agenda directly concerns us. Point number 72 on the United Nations Agenda reads ” The Right Of Peoples To Self Determination”. This is where our case shall be discussed in the UN. As AU court in Banjul which is an auxiliary arm of the UN declared years ago that Southern Cameroons is a “People” and more recently the same AU Human Rights office which called for the release of Balla et al declared similar statement as we are a “People”. In international law, and according to the UN charter, a people refers to those with right to self determination and yes Southern Cameroons has the right to self Determination. Now, we are seeing that the UN meeting in September has that item on the agenda, off course it is open.

This is where all Southern Cameroonians come in. We must give our unflinching and united support to the Southern Cameroons Governing Council and its constituent members so that they continue to do their back door negotiations and diplomacy quietly that will enable a member state to raise up our issue when agenda number 72 comes up in the United Nations General Assembly. This is capable and possible to happen but the Governing Council and others must go into deep diplomacy like they are currently doing.

However, physically they will need our support for this to happen in the UN.

1. All Southern Cameroonians back home must be unified in shutting down schools, courts and observing ghost towns. This is a MUST and a duty.

2. Ground forces must be able to take some secured risks now and escalate the issue to ungovernable levels. The UN needs to see these two happening above greatly.

3. More importantly, all Southern Cameroonians in the United states must rally in New York during the one week of UN GA on a daily basis. They must sleep and camp at the UN in New York protesting and organising events. They should move there with their mattresses. During this one week camping, large screens must be projected showing the shootings and killings of our people, showing the names of all those abducted, showing the brutality of our lawyers, showing the maiming and sewage rubbing of University students and the marks on their bodies. In fact, all photos must be projected. This must be a one week event during the entire UN GA. We must camp there, produce flyers, burned CDs, brochures and share to all police officers, passer-byes and all those entering the UN GA. The noise must be loud for the UN to know that they have to finish the decolonisation of Southern Cameroons as Britain failed to achieve.

Once the above are done, the governing council and its members are doing their back door diplomacy quietly without revealing any detail information.

Yes, agenda 72 on the UN GA concerns us but we must seize it and do things that will warrant it to be discussed at the UN GA. Aware that most of the powers lie in the UN Security Council, the talking of the Southern Cameroons Case at the UN GA will be a big fat step in our restoration agenda that will change the dynamics once and for all. yes, we can.

Share this until all Southern Cameroonians must have read.

Mark Bareta

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