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Southern Cameroons My Roots, Cameroun My Residence- Youth Leaders




We know the story of Southern Cameroons. We know that the political Union between La Republique Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons is illegal and still contested. We know that Southern Cameroons have a legitimate right to self-determination. We know that Southern Cameroonians are molested and arrested daily for adhering to such ideologies. We know that many Southern Cameroonians are in political exile. We also know that many youths are getting involve to know the true history of their independence.

Ashu Hailshammy is a former University of Buea Students Union and a strong advocate against Anglophone marginalisation. In the wake of the 2 million signatures soon to be collected, he has sent out a pledge to the country he calls home. Hear him:

“I am a Southern Cameroonian with residence and not Domicile in La Republique du Cameroun and I make bold to say that Southern Cameroons has a legitimate right and claim to demand the restoration of her statehood from Cameroun. Southern Cameroons has that Inherent right to self-determination. I declare this with much confidence without fear of any future political misunderstandings. I am Ashu H.Shamy and I approve this declaration. Go tell them I said it!!!What is it SEF!!!!!!…”

Also, another former Students’ Union President, youth leader and 2018 Parliamentary candidate, Tata Kwawi Mbinglo, gave a rare reflection of the then Southern Cameroons and the current situation in the Cameroons. “We lived happily back then, we had our own heaven on earth. It was a free and fair lifestyle. No one was above the other or the law. The people were satisfied with their administrative set ups and economic policies and tendencies. The Geographical resources were sufficient enough for self-sufficiency Economy.When the colonialists first came to the Cameroons, the Southern Cameroons was the living heaven for them. They saw everything they could ever wish for in the land of plenty. They established administrative units in Buea,which became the capital of the colonial government. The fertile lands and plenty of natural resources attracted more attachment to our beloved country….”

Mbinglo continued…” Politics later set in after Britain and France partitioned our Geographical boundaries and administered over the Cameroons with foreign tendencies and interest. When the resources were tapped to satiety, they brought up ways to establish their hegemony of the abducted people and institutions. They decided to break Geographical boundaries of the Southern Cameroons and La Republique to ease the process of assimilation and control of the two entities. They then manipulated the handpicked leaders of the then two Cameroons to adopt a common front as a united country to be administered by a single administrative system. Britain who stood in to control the British Cameroons after World war 2 stepped aside abandoning her portion of the Cameroons to the French hegemony. The Southern Cameroons have lost her every right of existence to them, they have lost their freedom, their rights to associate, to work or be employed in their own country. They have no voice anymore because even their very birthright has been ceased. They have till date determined the lifestyle of the people of the Cameroons….

Tata concluded ” …They determine who leads them, what they pay taxes and how they live as a people. The rise of marginalization of the British Cameroons has given rise to a revisit of the former status quo. The Situation is evident enough that La Republic has demonstrated a high sense of discrimination, nepotism, tribalism, and marginalization. What else could be the preoccupation of those who hold the English culture of the Cameroons?

These are reflections that every Southern Cameroonians should be thinking.

BaretaNews salutes the efforts of these two gentlemen.

God is still saying something.

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