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Southern Cameroons: Political GCE SCANDAL



Political GCE SCANDAL.

Southern Cameroonian parents and students have decided to boycott hugely and massively the political GCE. Even those who registered saw a massive boycott with few taking the exams.

A GCE supervisor particularly from GBHS Tantum wrote angrily to Mark Bareta. Now this is the instruction and it is an instruction from Yaounde passed over to the GCE Board and down the chain.

At the end of each paper, the GCE supervisor is made to fill the booklets with the names of all those absent and hand over to the chief of center. This is done so as to swell the numbers. Recalled that over 90 percent of our people are already boycotting the exams. So the GCE is embarrassed that even the few who registered have seen a record number of absences so the only solution will be to fill the booklets with the name of those absent to present as if they took the exams.

This is what has been happening in GBHS Tantum and the case is true elsewhere. The supervisor was so bitter. GCE this year is dead. It’s certificate will not be recognise anywhere. Our teachers still have the opportunity to make it right by boycotting the marking.

We refuse to stay silent in the ongoing sacrilege over our education. Though we are aware of this year GCE uselessness, we must continue to speak out.

Spread this as wide as possible.

Mark Bareta
Bui and Manyu Counties
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individual

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