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Southern Cameroons News Brief: BaretaNews Compilation



mass murder scheme in ambazonia





Southern Cameroons News Brief: BaretaNews Compilation

1. Presbyterian Church Cameroon (PCC) Leaders met with parents in Wum today to discuss school resumption. We are told the parents who attended vehemently rejected that our people cannot be in jail and others in Bunkers and we are talking of school resumption. They were unanimous that it is ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL.

2. Post graduate students who were supposed to meet with the VC yesterday in Amphi 250 instead met with the Director of Students affairs. Information reaching BaretaNews says the Director of students affairs who could not express himself in English pleaded to speak in French. This caused a commotion as the post graduate students hailed insults as all of them walk out. We continue to caution that there is a tacit plan to Franchophonised Southern Cameroons Education and its institutions. It beats our understanding how a students affairs director cannot express himself in English very well in an Anglo Saxon University. SYNES and UB lecturers who were fast to call off the strike should see the hand writing clear on the walls. Already, those recently appointed in the University of Buea and Bamenda are appointed with a mission to harmonise the University Education with that of French Cameroon. This must be fiercely rejected. The few students in UB Campus effectively going to school should fall back. There is total cacophony already with one year already lost.

3. Another contingent of military officers got into Buea this morning as ten trucks got in already last night. The militarisation of Southern Cameroons continue

4. Canal 2 popular English program called tough talk has been suspended. They were talking most often on the Southern Cameroons crisis. Press freedom continues to suffer in the Cameroons.

5. Lake Hotel Kumba with its shop was blazed last night by unknown men. Fire fighters on the scene could not help. They joint the few denizens to watch as the structure was consumed by fire. The cause of the fire is unknown but unconfirmed reports from Kumba says the said individual was known for disrespecting Ghost towns.

6. Tiko Military base has hurriedly graduates Military cadets who have not gone through the proper training to send to Southern Cameroons so as to continue the Militarization and occupation of Southern Cameroons territory. This is happening in Tiko as we write.

7. Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Education Board now has a Facebook page. All information regarding the education of Southern Cameroons new system shall be found there. You can visit the link at

Mark Bareta.
CEO, BaretaNews.

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