Southern Cameroons European Women, SCEW, Demand more Attention from IG, express vexation in Memo.

Southern Cameroons European  Women, SCEW,  Demand more Attention from IG, express vexation in Memo. 

In a memo addressed to the Interim leadership of Ambazonia dated 14th April 2019, the Southern Cameroons European Women, SCEW,  expressed frustration at the way the association was treated at the just ended Ambazonia Stakeholders Strategic Conference, ASSC in Berlin, Germany. The women used the opportunity to inform the leadership of IG and the organisers of the ASSC that they seek to build a nation where there is respect for women. 
Attached to the memo is an invitation letter to this association for the ASSC Berlin from 11-14th April in a bid to synchronize plans for the restoration of Ambazonia’s independence. 

To their greatest dismay,  their delegation was bullied out of the conference hall for rules and regulations that were not mentioned or explained on the official invitation served them on the 9th of April 2019. The women felt that the best way to express their disgust with the organisers was to write the letter for truth,  honesty, accountability and tolerance as guiding principles for the new nation of Ambazonia. 

It is not clear however if the delegation of the SCEW was finally accepted to be part of the conference. Note worthy is the fact that,  this association has never spared a chance to write each time they felt threatened on their path to the restoration of the Statehood of Ambazonia. They had written similarly to Scacuf, The Governing Councils,  conferences,  seminars etc. 

In his keynote words in Berlin,  the Acting interim President of Ambazonia,  Dr. Sako Samuel  Ikome took out time to apologize to the every stakeholder for wrongs that IG have done and reignited the spirit of togetherness and unity in bringing biya’s time to an end in the territory of Southern Cameroons. He also noted that the far reaching resolutions at the conference made the ASSC worth it organisation and pleaded with all to implement. 

At BaretaNews,  we appreciate the resolve of the Women in this show of boldness. This is a sign that Ambazonian women are up to the task and carefully on the right track for the restoration process. We encourage more women not to sleep but get into the boat by emulating the examples of the SCEW.

 The rights of women is fundamental in the functioning of the Ambazonian statehood.  We can’t forget the role women have been playing since the start of the crisis and restoration struggle every where around the globe.  The takumbeng and their outings can’t easily be forgotten. They must continue as more of their children are still being slaughtered daily on home soil.  More strength to the AmbaWoman. 
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  1. bonnie

    April 16, 2019 at 11:14 AM

    Women play a great roles of stability in many establishment because some men feel power, position and war is the only war to settle conflicts. Hundreds of patriotic Ambazonian women in this revoluton including myself living in Europe have never heard of SCEW.personally,they need to advertise themselves to widen women voices,reach out, fund raising, meetings etc,set up reps in all major towns and cities,especially is UK where many resided outside of London, the mentality that only London has Ambazonian Diaspora is nonconstructive,many Ambazonians have moved out of London to have better living situations in other UK cities.
    I respect all the different genuine Ambazonian groups for restoration,the IG as a government unfortunately it has lost it has lost some of it’s sparks,trust and the inability to unite it’s people,personally the AIP H E Sako and the IG must remain our government,Ambazonians want to see real progress,much more protection of civilians in ground zero,holding conferences is a good way of accessing situations,developing and delivering strategies and making positive changes on the ground which will be seen and felt by the suffering people on the ground.The Ig must implement resolutions effectively and quicker, those Ambazonians who want the IG to dissolve are dishonest,short sighted working towards french Cameroon’s goals,without the IG every Ambazonia is a terrorist in the eyes of lrc and the world and a lrc citizen under the butcher biya!please think twice before bad mouthing the IG on social media,propose solutions in confidence like grown adults!the IG is not H E Sako, it is made up of different factions to facilitate a smooth running which is not easy when fighting a well establish oppressor.

    • Mbeuh

      April 16, 2019 at 4:35 PM

      A well articulated comment, Ms Bonnie. The I.G remains the people’s government but MUST up the notch on all fronts, military, diplomatic and socioeconomic especially as murderous Biya is unrelenting in its genocidal misadventures on Ambazonians in Ambaland. Short live the struggle.

  2. tabetando

    April 16, 2019 at 12:58 PM

    We need more training in bubby trapping( giant home made traps)to immobilize LRC soldiers, plus AKs. Funding should go directly to ground zero because dane guns are out-moded in mordern warfare.

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