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Southern Cameroons Community UK Presents Cameroun Human Rights Violations At Commonwealth





BaretaNews has been informed the Southern Cameroons Community UK is currently making a heavy presentation at the Commonwealth Secretariat about the grave human rights abuses, violations and genocidal onslaught against the people of the Former British Southern Cameroons. This is coming at a time some distinguished former British Southern Cameroons Lawyers have taken Cameroun Constitutional court hostage over right abuses and events in Ambazonia (Former British Southern Cameroons)

We are informed a strong 11-man Southern Cameroons delegation made the move to the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, United Kingdom presenting on Human Rights Violations in the former British Southern Cameroons. They are currently speaking to Karen Mckenzie, Acting Head of Human Rights, Commonwealth Secretariat, today, Thursday October 18, 2018.

This move is coming at a time many other organisations have called on the suspension of Cameroun from the commonwealth citing grave human right abuses against Southern Cameroonians.

It is worthy to note that the current conflict in the Cameroons has caused more than 3000 death, all killed by Cameroun forces, 400.000 and more internally displaced and over 50.000 refugees in Nigeria. There is indeed an ongoing genocide presently taking place in Southern Cameroons.

BaretaNews is following the story very closely and will be updating the peoples platform with details soonest.


Mark Bareta

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