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CRTV is reporting that the former Indomitable lions Captain and Intermediate Coach of the Niger national team, Regobert Song Bahanag is in a stable health condition after suffering from a stroke Sunday, October 2.

CRTV says the Service Head of the Yaounde Emergency Centre, where the former Indomitable lion is currently admitted, welcomed government officials this morning, he indicated that health officials are now focused on stabilizing the patient before his evacuation.

We are told following the attack, high personalities, friends, family, fans and the international community have been sending messages of love and good wishes to the 40-year old one-time Indomitable Lions Captain.
However, all visits to the patient have been prohibited, in the meantime preparations for his evacuation is heating up, some say he will be leaving in the next few hours to EUROPE in order to benefit from an adequate health treatment.

This brings us to look at the health facilities in Africa and Cameroon most especially. What really stops Africa from INVESTING heavily in health care so that citizens could be treated home. Africans are very intelligent people, we have some of the best doctors in the world practicing out of the country. What really stops us from investing in health care and training individuals to carry such services? Is it that our doctors are not capable of doing such or is it the lack of equipment or know how/patient -doctor relationship? This is not common only to Cameroon but in most, if not all African countries.
Where have we gone wrong?

God is still saying something.

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