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Social Media Spars: Menace To Ambazonian Struggle



Social Media Spars: Menace To Ambazonian Struggle

By Mbah Godlove

Settling of scores on social media has been an obstacle to Ambazonia’s independence quest, says a specialist. Since Biya declared war on Ambazonia nearly four years ago, frontline leaders have often attacked one another on social media.

A Facebook specialist told BaretaNews on the basis of anonymity in an exclusive interview Sunday, March 15 that settling disputes on Facebook is greatly jeopardizing the Southern Cameroon’s struggle for freedom. “Ambazonians disclose valuable information to the enemy ( French Cameroun) in the name of solving disputes,” he said.

“The Biya government intends uses such information to soil the image of Ambazonian activists,” he added. However, according to our specialist, social media could serve as a veritable tool in prosecuting the revolution to its logical end. “I dare to say that if properly and ethically used, social media can propel Ambazonia to independence in just a matter of weeks.”

Since 2016, the process of independence has been marred by hate, corruption, power-mongering, and disunity. It has turned out that the aforementioned vices are terribly destroying the path to achieving the independence of Ambazonia. It remains unclear why frontline leaders keep pouring insults at each other on social media, but a BaretaNews Facebook specialist has said the practice must stop if at all the leader’s hunger for independence.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mbeuh

    March 18, 2020 at 2:14 AM

    Is this new? Don’t we all know it? It’s a shame that Mark Bareta’s news website is indicting and publishing what Mark himself is guilty of. Not too long ago, Mark said and I quote, “if given a gun with one bullet and a choice to shoot either Paul Biya, Cris Anu and/or Samuel Sako, I’d shoot Cris Anu or Sako.” Disunity is what is emboldening Biya and his misadventure into Ambazonia. Disunity is what is causing dedicated fighters to abandon the fight and cross over to Biya’s disarmarment, demobilization rubbish. Disunity is why Biya is dragging his feet to come to the negotiating table and hammer out terms for a peaceful separation of the two nations. Disunity is why the international community is not taking our revolution more serious. They sit by the sidelines and watch the making of a South Sudan and say to themselves, NOT A CHANCE, WE WONT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. Two parallel IGs, one recalcitrant outfit led by a con man in Norway, a tribalistic bayangi loud mouth in Maryland whose middle name is ‘insulting anyone who is not from Manyu’ and claiming to be the head honcho of the revolution, Jesus!

    When will this STOP and the focus directed to the octogenarian dictator in Yaoundé so that the killings will cease and our freedom becomes reality? Come on folks, Come on!

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