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”Shithole” Colonial Regime Chase Ayah’s Foundation, Bring Authorisation From Yaounde






The Ayah foundation has been denied access to visit Southern Cameroons detainees in Bamenda Local Government Area. In a sad note issued this afternoon , the Chairman Of the Ayah Foundation Mr. Abine Ayah Ayah, disclosed that the colonial prison authorities asked the foundation to go receive authorisation from Yaounde before coming to visit prisoners in Bamenda. It is sad that yet again Yaounde regime shows its ugly nature in the total assimilation of “Anglophone” Cameroon. While BaretaNews condemns in the strongest terms the derogatory and racist used of the word “shithole” by US President Donald Trump to refer to African countries, I think it is fair to say that in our own local context, President Paul Biya and his administrators are shithole colonial administrators who must be sent packing out of Southern Cameroons.

At this moment in time when many families are in pains with several persons in jail, receiving support from well wishers should not be a problem. This move from the regime only adds injuries to the wounds of Anglophones to finally understand the nonsense of decentralisation and that a union with Cameroun will be a big mistake. It gives us the push to continue fighting for the total liberation of Southern Cameroons. It is unbelievable that Bamenda will request an NGO to bring authorisation from Yaounde. The regime again fails to lower tempers from Anglophones. It is just a matter of time before we are free.

Below is the text from Abine Ayah Ayah

“Sad Note!

The Ayah Foundation has been denied acess into the Bamenda Central Prison to offer much needed support to our brothers in detention therein. We are told by the prison authorities to go to yaounde to get an authorisation to come visit needy people in detention in the north west region. #unbelievable#

Yet again, after visiting detainees in other detention centers, Bamenda happens to be a special case for us. Feeling very sad for detainees!..”

Mark Bareta

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