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Sex Tape updates: Entertainers should get their facts straight-Mekone Sone




Mekone Sone known on Facebook as Katherine Kine is one of the alleged persons accused of releasing the sex tape of a Cameroonian lady. BaretaNews had earlier reported on this and three names came up based on videos and audios released. However, all three in one way or the other have refused such allegations. Some are threatening a lawsuit. However, BaretaNews maintains that they still remain the “alleged” until such a time, a credible information is available. The victim is said to be currently recovering from the shock. She was hospitalized in North Carolina Hospital, USA. Speaking with a close aide yesterday, BaretaNews was informed she is picking up.
Therefore, Mekone Sone, the alleged ringleader in her Facebook page responded to the accusations levied on her. She wrote (Text copied unedited-see screenshot attached)

” I see all the accusations levied on me here on Facebook. People accusing me for creating a Facebook account and uploading a sex video. I have a Facebook account with a different name, why will I create another Facebook account with my real names to upload a sex video. I dint see the account with my name on it. I checked Facebook myself and dint see it. The fact that my friendship with the girl dint end on a good note, people will think am guilty and out to hurt her. The girl who made the video shared it with so many of her friends, even the guy in the video could have distributed the video to his friends. I know am innocent and I apologise to all my loved ones and family for putting them through this…”
She continues…..

“.. It’s obvious someone is behind all this, whoever is using my real names to create a Facebook account will get a reward. I will suggest that some of these entertainers should get their facts straight before pointing fingers..” She concluded.

BaretaNews is currently working with a team in the USA to get the facts straight so that legal procedures should commence. The issue of sex tapes and nudes is getting out of hand. While this is a private issue, we expect that people should respect the privacy of others. If that is breached, there must be consequences.
However, Mr Mancho in a reaction on this platform put the issue so beautifully for BaretaNews audience: He wrote
The trouble isn’t about making sex tapes. If someone buys a car and dies in an accident do you question why they bought a car in the first instance? If someone lights a fire for a bbq and gets burnt do you ask why they didn’t just eat fruits/vegans or vegetarians? People have a right to choose how they live their lives, especially their private lives and that includes who they have sex with, how and whether they make sex tapes for commercial or private reasons.

It becomes an issue when you get hold of a private material not meant or intended for you and you decide to make it public. It’s a like taking the contents of a private letter or email and putting it in the public domain. It’s understandable if the contents are of a public interest. However, a private citizen’s sex tape is of zero public interest and therefore should and must remain within the private domain. If for some reason you have access to such private content and decide to make it public then you’re no victim. If anything you’re a victim of your own stupidity, a victim of your own irrational actions and must therefore face the consequences whether moral, legal or public lynching.

If making sex tapes isn’t something you’d do that’s a choice you should make. The rest of the public will and should respect that choice. We don’t need to know about it anyway. However, if someone else chooses to make a sex tape it’s their choice, their life and their fundamental human right to privacy. Let them exercise that right to privacy privately and if you should violate that right be certain that your rights too could and should be violated. Some like it hot some like it cold. Get over it.

God is still saying something.

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