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Reports from South Africa indicates that the Social Democratic Front has called for the mandate of the party’s chairman to be limited to four-year renewable once. The SDF SA convention also agreed that this should be the same policy down the party structures for all those who hold leadership positions. The SDF SA agreed to file these resolutions to the Party National Executive Committee in the Cameroons prior to the 2017 February convention.

This call was made on October 15th, 2016 during the Party pioneer convention in Johannesburg, which brought together all members who militate in the party in SA.

The convention also agreed to table a request to NEC that will scrap the special congress that elects a Presidential candidate. They also called for a separation of powers between the administrative arms of the party as well as that of the Chairman of the National Executive Committee. Because the Chairman of NEC should not be the same person handling the position of Chairman of the National Advisory Council as is currently the case.

“We are bringing in corporate governance best practice that would work from public to private sector and political organizations. You cannot be an executive and advice yourself. NAC was created so that some oversight authority was in place in the organization to check the excesses of the executive power. The moment you are playing an oversight an executive role then there is a problem. We are not targeting anyone but proposing the putting in place of measures that would make the party stronger,” SDF SA Chairman,MILTON Taka declared.

A guest at the conference was the Chairman of the African Diaspora Forum, ADF, (a federation of migrant associations in SA) who said it was still possible for the SDF to take over power in Cameroon- Solomon Amabo, Journalist who covered the event writes

“The SDF needs to organize itself, mobilizing the people and changing the way they did in the past . They need new strategies and have to approach people and encourage Cameroonians to register, vote and defend their votes. Remember that some live out of their country because of failed leadership. We see the experience here in SA where the President is held accountable. This can happen in Cameroon.

These are the issues the SDF has to take back home. From what I have seen and heard the hope of Cameroonians is still in the SDF. With the work being done at this stage I think the SDF will definitely rise to power,” said the Ivorian-born Marc Gbaffou

BaretaNews hopes these proposals are embraced by the SDF hierarchy. It will only go to make the SDF stronger and build confidence amongst the Cameroonian people.

God is still saying something
Solomon Amabo greatly contributed to this report.

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