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On Saturday, 29th October 2016, Mark Bara, Publisher of BaretaNews made a clarion call to the SDF in regards to the Common Law Lawyers’ protest in a post titled “Common Law Lawyers Call Out The SDF”. BaretaNews noted that most of its audience agreed with his call. However, one of the prominent reaction was from an SDF Deputy Mayor which solidified the points Mark Bara was saying. Below is the post as written.

“…The Common Law Lawyers in their latest communique wrote ” That we invite the political parties operating within the Common Law Jurisdiction(s) of the North West and South West Regions and represented in Parliament and Senate, to live up to their responsibilities by joining us in Calling for a constitutional Conference through which a secured foundation will be laid for the security of the co-existence of the common law and Civil Law in Cameroon…”

From every indication, they are referring to the SDF. The SDF has been mute throughout this fight. Some say the SDF is a national party and should not get involved. I call that nonsense and rubbish. Common Law Lawyers are citizens also before being lawyers. When one part of the country is affected and it is going to a month without the courts being open, the SDF must take its place and speak out. Speaking out does not mean the SDF is reduced to a regional party.

It is the moral responsibility of the SDF to speak out whenever any group or part of the country is affected. When the SDF Chairman visited Douala when Monique was forcefully operated and lost her life; when they sent out a statement, why didn’t we say because it happens in Douala, the SDF should not speak. Oh the SDF should not visit Eseka victims because it occurred in French Cameroun right? Nor sent out a statement ehhh? I, Mark Bara put it to the SDF that they are just being a crying baby. They are complacent to this regime. They must rise up and take their place in this country or shut up. I have spoken.This is Mark Bara and I approve this message…” Mark Bara concluded.

It was a good feeling to read from the SDF Deputy Mayor, Mr. Martin Fon Yembe. He wrote ” Let me state categorically that the SDF is missing a very big opportunity to make itself relevant, especially in the NW . Recall that the SDF championed the call for the National Conference, and this issue is at the core. When I was SDF Provincial Chairman, I led such moves of solidarity with CATTU Simon Nkwenti. SDF needs all including the Common Law Lawyers. Whether they stood by her or not. In politics, opportunities are exploited as per current interest ”

Another SDF militant McEden Wangang wrote ” The SDF must speak out concerning this issue. The party should speak in support of this issue. Biya cannot continue to treat Southern Cameroonians as if they have no part in the country. It is very silly and a total Bullshit to say the SDF shouldn’t speak out because it’s a national party. Is Southern Cameroons not part of the joint country as of the moment? If the SDF doesn’t speak out for the Anglophone Cameroonians it shouldn’t expect votes from Anglophone Cameroonians either. I am a member of the SDF and am not in support of the silence. It aches…”

BaretaNews note that what is killing Cameroon is too much of party loyalty. People should be loyal to their party but they should speak up and break ranks if something is not right. You cannot as a party member keep supporting or failing to criticize your party because you want to have good faces with leadership. If Cameroon must change, we must change from this mentality and call our parties out in a respectful manner, by the way, should they be wanting. I expected SDF militants to put the leadership of their party to task.

God is still saying something.

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