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SCNC Chairman, Nfor Ngala Nfor Reacts Powerfully to Ayah’s 2nd Foumban Alarm







SCNC Chairman, Nfor Ngala Nfor Reacts Powerfully to Ayah’s 2nd Foumban Alarm

The Chairman of the SCNC, and member of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council, Nfor Ngala Nfor has challenged the recent calls for an All Anglophone Conference (AAC) 111, with the most recent coming from the erudite Retired Justice Ayah Paul Abine. Ayah, had recently raised an alarm about a 2nd Foumban Conference in the offing, with a probable hand picked 2nd Foncha, already with working documents against the general interest of Southern Cameroonians; a move which he (Ayah) predicted may be worse than the 1st Foumban Conference if an AAC 111 is not organized to come out with an acceptable Southern Cameroons leadership and representation.

Reacting to Justice Ayah’s alarm, Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor argued that at this level of the revolution, a 2nd Foumban Conference is off the table, not to talk of an AAA 111. He anchored his argument on the root causes of this crisis and extant international laws, notably Article 102 of the UN chatter and UN Resolution 1608. In his direct words, Nfor Ngala Nfor, said;

“I find this attitude of one step forward and two backwards worrisome and disturbing. To my mind l hold that whatever you write or post from who or wherever, you believe in the content. Never post and when queried, you say l just posted as received. The fundamental question for anything here should be, in what way does it advance the struggle? Inspire, build, unite, encourage, educate and stimulate scholarship to break new frontiers and bring us closer to crossing the red line! This should be the primary preoccupation.

Having said that, my comment on the 2nd Foumban which may be worse and the call for AAC 111.

It baffles me to hear some one talk of a 2nd Foumban. The issue of a federal union between Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroon was a matter under the jurisdiction of the UN and within the ambit of the UN charter. That is why the UNGA adopted relevant resolutions and conducted the 11Feb. 1961 plebiscite. That is why the UN adopted Resolution 1608 creating a Tripartite Conference, designating participants by their official and legal authority – Government of Southern Cameroons, La Republique du Cameroon and United Kingdom, as the Administering Authority.

Had the Tripartite held, Article 102 of the UN charter mandatorily would have been respected. But the Foumban jamboree was a fraud manipulated to dupe and annex Southern Cameroons. Ahidjo at his 1962 UC congress of Ebolowa said it clearly- no union of equals. LRC absorbed and annexed Southern Cameroons.

On the issue of AAC 111 which has been called many other times, l say this as leader of the SCNC, which has always defended the true position of the Southern Cameroonian people.

1) Such calls have always had their origin from Yaounde.

2) They always come at a critical time when the struggle is rising to a peak and Yaounde is panting for fresh air.

3) To be fair to all, any person agitating for AAC 111, should first read the Bamenda Proclamation of 1994, the London Communique and take due cognisance of the 9 Man Delegation to the UN and signature referendum of 1995, and Constituent Assembly Resolution of 2000 on the implementation of Arts 6 & 7 of the Bamenda Proclamation. This done, he can justify his call if he is a Southern Cameroonian patriot.

Some times I am tempted to believe that we SCACUF leaders need some one week seminar or training workshop on the struggle and the southern Cameroons we want to restore. In the SCNC meetings, prison detention periods, which prisoners themselves used to benefit, were often used for that. For benefit of doubt all liberation movements, even those engaged in war do that.”

The argument put forth by comrade Nfor Ngala Nfor, corroborates the analysis of Baretanews in the previous report on this issue. Our preoccupation at this level of the revolution is not leadership or representation in any purported dialogue forum or 2nd Foumban Conference. Southern Cameroonians at this juncture are too enlightened about this struggle and smart to be hoodwinked into another mafia dialogue or constitutional conference by La Republique and her Southern Cameroons surrogates. The resistance currently being encountered in the various Counties by the elite “dogs” is testimony to this fact. The proud, but confused and panting Yaounde is looking for all counterfeit avenues to bypass the majority patriotic nationalist Southern Cameroonians, our leadership and the indisputable position we hold, which is nothing but the absolute restoration of our independence.

Like other opinion leaders of this movement have posited, we should be looking forward to forming an all inclusive interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, having declared our independence restoration, and to see how we can fast track the next stage of the struggle. Our youths are dying, some are in prisons, some are in the bushes, others are simply missing; while parents and children are eagerly waiting for announcement on official schools resumption in Southern Cameroons.

One thing is certain, the independence of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia is declared restored and this restoration must be defended to its logical end and our government officially take up full control of the homeland.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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