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SCNC and Anglophone Lawyers: What have you?



Following the All Anglophone Lawyers Conference, which held in Bamenda on Saturday 9th May 2015, a lot of recommendations were made to the Government of Paul Biya amongst which the lawyers requested strongly for a return to the Federation. In their preamble, they mention a UN resolution which by itself carries a lot of ground. They had this to say “Mindful of the non-implementation of the United Nations General Assembly resolution 1608 (XV) of 21st April 1961 on the future of the trust territory of the Cameroons under the United Kingdom administration”.

Reading through comments online, I think I am really disgusted at the lack of support some compatriots are showing to these lawyers. I do not care to know what drove these legal minds to do what they did, yes their jobs were threatened. And so what? Something must first of all pushed somebody  take decision. Before the SCNC or any other political groupings came up, it is because one aspect of their lives and that of a generation were threatened. Let us give the lawyers the benefits of the doubt to see if they meant what they said. At least they are standing for something. They are standing for something which will benefit the entire Southern Cameroons.

SCNC activists who do not support this move of the lawyers should just be quiet. They should go about doing things which would lead to the independence of Southern Cameroons as they craved for. Yes, the SCNC have legitimate claims and Southern Cameroons have a right to self determination. What has the SCNC been doing for 10 years now both home and abroad to see this dream a reality? The fight is not fought online with decrees and messages. Things should be seen to be done, especially on the home front to put the SCNC in the position of strength or any other groupings fighting for independence. The lawyers should be supported, at least the Cameroons would become better with the Federation.The Federation could be one big step to the route of independence so rather than lambasting those who stand for federation always, the SCNC should reserve their energy to take Southern Cameroons to that promise land. At the end of the day all works good for the people of Southern Cameroons.

I still strongly believe that, a united people of Southern Cameroons can easily get federation from La Republique. It is true that, the Government of Paul Biya sees federation as a means to lose the people of Southern Cameroons reason why the idea of the Federation is still anathema to La Republique.  Federation from most of my discussion is an open idea to most  Southern Cameroonians ( Anglophones). It is my understanding should AAC 1 and 2 held several years back continued pushing for a federation, we could have been there now and this should have been one big step to independence.

The argument that federation earlier failed the people of Southern Cameroons  and would fail again is very lame. We are in different times and facing different challenges. The people of Southern Cameroons are more exposed in such a way that, a far much better deal for a federation can be negotiated that guarantees the identity of Southern Cameroonians.

Let us yearn our support to the Anglophone lawyers in whatever form we could. We should judge them in 6 months time.

Long live the people of Southern Cameroons.

This is Mark Bara and I approved this message.
Done 11/5/2015

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