SCCOP Distances Itself From Tapang Ivo, Says He Is A Big Liar


SCCOP has just been informed and confirmed that Mr Tapang Ivo Tanku claims to have spoken with SCCOP Chairman Millan Atam concerning the APNC, claiming to have received the green light from Mr Atam to attend the APNC.

We want to state here that this is a lie. Chairman Millan has not had any conversation with the said individuals. In fact, the Chairman has never spoken to Mr Tapang on the phone in his entire life. We understand that it has become fashionable for many to use the Chairman’s name to open doors and in some cases to block the progress in our revolution. That is normal with attention-seeking individuals.

It is SCCOP’s position to henceforth debunk these lies and childish rumours which the Chairman has had the tendency to ignore. SCCOP, therefore, challenges Mr Tapang to make public the content of that conversation he claims to have had with the Chairman of SCCOP.

Tapang Ivo’s Fake News

SCCOP once again reiterates its position not to endorse or attend the APNC as it failed to answer satisfactorily the 5W which was presented by the Chairman of the movement. SCCOP is neither part of the organisers of the gathering, even though certain members of the IG Group have used it as their card in their fear of rendering account to their constituents. SCCOP firmly believes however that it is the right of any Southern Cameroonians to assemble and contribute towards the Restoration Quest and the organisers of the APNC are not exempted.

Let it be on record that the first and last time the Chairman ever exchanged WhatsApp notes with Mr Tapang Ivo dates back to February 2017. What Tapang Ivo wrote this February 21st 2019 is a lie and should be treated as such.


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