The Santa-Pinyin Massacre: Colonel Badjeck is a liar, Elie Smith Screams







The massacre of innocent Southern Cameroonians by the Yaounde Military is causing pain across the globe. Young boys and girls have been seen on the floor, on the roof, in the kitchen and at farms slaughtered by the regime. In trying to control the narrative, La Republique military spokesmen Colonel Badjeck has come out to defend his forces lieing that those massacred are Amba fighters. Many have asked what are Amba fighters doing in a so called hotel? Where are the weapons etc. How can the military murdered in cold blood at least 40 innocent youth without any form of resistance  in the name of fighting what they have termed terrorists. Elie Smith, one of the best investigative journalist in the Cameroons with a vast network of sources has called out the colonel lies in a series of posts made earlier today. The military has involved in lies telling to please their Francophone base. Southern Cameroonians shall NOT be perturbed with these massacre. They have only given another reason to fight on. Read Elie Smith

Colonel Badjeck is a liar.

Those people killed in Santa were not Ambazonia Fighters. Mr Badjeck, do your intelligence gathering well. Those your soldiers have masacred are not Amba boys. Stop lying to your boss and manipulating Francophones.

In fact some locals referred to those unfortunately masacred as criminals masquerading as Amba boys. Amba boys don’t rape nor extort. That was how because of a salacious matter, Muyenge was set ablaze under the fallacious claims that, the village was invaded by Amba boys. Having said the above, can a civilised army carry out summary execution? Do you execute people based on suspicions?

This heinous killing is reminiscent to what happened in Bepanda. It is a pattern that they have have also implemented throughout West Cameroon since they sparked the merry go round of masacres. Those ignoble acts those doesn’t honour the army and Cameroon. It must stop. Anglophones or Southern Cameroonians armed groups again are not games.

I can authoritatively write here on that, those killed in Menka, allegedly by Cameroonian security forces are fake Amba boys created by the government to discredit the genuine Ambazonia fighters. It’s a Yaounde creation masterminded by those claiming to be Anglophone elite. It’s sad, but the worse enemies of Southern Cameroonians are, to quote Albert Mukong, the comprador Anglophones in Yaounde.

Elie Smith


Mark Bareta, Southern Cameroons most vocal activist added

Alert: Pinyin Will Happen In Buea Town

Let me say this before innocent boys are slaughtered in Buea. The Atanga-Ekema scheme is alive. As I write now, in Buea Town, we have had reports of 2-3 groups of boys walking homes to homes asking denizens to give them money that they are Amba boys claiming the days ahead shall be hot. I have personally received complains from friends there.

Listen, the boys walking in Buea Town do not even know the plan. All they know is that they have been hired to disguise as Amba boys. They do not know the next plan, which is to round them up, summarily kill them and claims they were Amba boys and yes in front of the Camera Atanga-Ekema will be right because denizens will conform to their story because they were indeed asking for money. These denizens know nothing.

Our restoration forces (Amba boys) are not in Buea Town. They do not stay in hotels or close proximity. They not even make patrols asking for money as some few boys in Buea Town are doing. Buea Town which is the administrative hub can’t even go with such presence if the real Amba boys are there.

Please, if you know any boys in Buea Town doing this tell them to stop and run away. The need to discredit Amba boys has increased. The next minutes you will hear is that Amba boys were ambushed in Buea Town and killed. It is all FAKE.

Our restoration forces across Ambazonia do not rape, do not extort money, they do not harass their community. The enemy game is in play.

I hope this post spare the lives of some innocent Southern Cameroonians in Buea Town. They are living corpses

Mark Bareta



  1. George

    May 26, 2018 at 1:44 PM

    We know this tactics for long. The regime understands that they cannot win that fight. Thus they want to discredit the real freedom fighters. The boys and one girl in Pinyin were all unarmed. The way they are distributed on the field looks like targeting killings. A professional army captures its opponents. But you indiscriminately kill if you want to hide something. The quick outing of the regime is another indicator that there is something fundamental wrong. Atanga Nji Paul will pay the ultimate prize for the betrayal on his own people.

    • Shillah

      May 26, 2018 at 6:48 PM

      😂😂😂😂 ur elie Smith is an idiot. If those r not ur terrorists wat were they doing there in such a nber? When u guys kidnap civic servants u call those actions nobel. Baraliar doesn’t say our boy don’t kidnap but when they r kill u guys cried like pussy starting wit George, dings, ndolloz Bali n mukong. Don’t worry it’s a start man no run. 40 less terrorist pian

  2. Dinga

    May 26, 2018 at 5:28 PM

    We may die but never surrender. They think killing innocent people will frighten us. After all we are all born to die.

  3. Ndolloz

    May 26, 2018 at 5:53 PM

    The regime and its entire people are sick,murderous liars,their lost battle is near,their forces cannot fight boko haram without foreign intervention yet grown french Cameroon army men with children of their own murder unarmed youths then label them as defense forces,why didn’t these children have weapons to defend themselves if they were forces?how did SCs join batbatic french Cameroon on the first place?no more

  4. George

    May 26, 2018 at 6:52 PM

    According to locals there are several women and boys from the age of 13 years under the victims shot by the LRC terrorists.

    • homeboy

      May 27, 2018 at 11:25 AM

      @george and mark bareta, this is the price the youths and kids pay when you give them weapons. Have you guys condemned the videos uploaded on social media with children and girls showing off weapons? I do not also agree that the army has to kill the way they have been doing based on assumptions, they should have at least some training on analysing different scenarios..

      I strongly challenge you guys to condemn the videos uploaded online with children and girls showing off ak47s and now you come out crying. The Cameroon army doesn’t want to take chances anymore because they know that you are supplying weapons even to children and recruiting child soldiers. You guys will pay one day for all of these atrocities.

  5. Mukong

    May 26, 2018 at 8:21 PM

    Baretanews, sometimes it is frustrating how some reporting is being made. What is the implication here by saying that the locals perceived the victims as thieves? From my childhood, all I have know about these vagabonds from LRC is their insatiable taste for victimizing of the common man. When have you ever travelled without the vehicle being stop and then people are ask to give money to bribe whether you have your documents on you or not? These LRC criminals masquerading as forces of law and order will take documents from drivers after extorting monies from the occupants of the vehicle until they get a hefty loot from the driver. Yet, have any of them ever been killed for their criminal behavior? Yet in this case we want to make excuses by criminalizing the victims. If they stole or extorted monies from anyone, then the rational thing to do was to arrest them. Please I am sure we know that in a moment of un-imaginable pain like this if we have nothing to say then it is better to keep quiet than to disrespect the dead because each of those killed is someone’s son, daughter etc. etc.

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