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Roman Catholic Bishop Claims To Cure Coronavirus With Herbs



Roman Catholic Bishop Claims To Cure Coronavirus With Herbs

By Mbah Godlove.

The archbishop of Douala, a French Cameroun city, says he has treated persons infected with Covid-19.

Speaking to the press on Saturday April 26, His Grace Samuel Kleda intimated that he successfully treated some medical staff of his diocese who showed signs of the virus after attending to infected cases.

The prelate revealed that his over three decades as a medical researcher of plant medicine gave him the lee way to discover the treatment.

“My desire is to stop people from dying,” he said.

The plants put together for the Covid-19 treatment according to the Archbishop cum doctor, are available for free as his own little way to fight the global crisis.

Meantime, some critics have castigated the pontiff for not making public the plants that constitute the treatment which they say would facilitate treatment of the deadly disease.

So far, La Republique du Cameroun has registered nearly 1500 infections.

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