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The Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, in a communiqué, wrote and informed the Public in general and the Higher Education Community in particular that the Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) is not affiliated with the Higher Education System of Cameroun. Consequently, candidates registering in this institute for Bachelors, Master, and Ph.D. programs are doing so at their own risks, because their certificates are not going to be recognized by the Higher Education of Cameroon. The Secretary General of PAID and officials of the Ministry are currently in dialogue, BaretaNews has learned

Hansel K. Tanteh, an alumni who had an MSc degree in Peace Conflict and International Relations from PAID-WA in a reaction had accused the University of Buea and Fame Ndongo for sabotage. He partly wrote:

“..Inside information from PAID reveals that a call was placed to the Ministry to demand an explanation for such media smearing and the person at the other promised to resolve the issue. But before then, they are letting the damage to continue. Information reaching me suggests that the University of Buea is preparing to launch a peace training program. So, could it be that this smearing campaign against PAIDs reputation is a UB activated scheme to obtain more candidates for enrolment into their Programmes? The question is posed because a closer look at the two Institutions under attack reveals that they are both based in Buea; offer the Peace Programmes at Masters and Doctoral Levels; welcome a cream of international students and lecturers, and are recalcitrant in their expansion and popularity. Fame Ndongo has had his fair share of gaffes, but trying to undermine administrative continuity by destroying the credibility of an institute that has trained a multitude of African and International Senior Civil Servants is serious call for concern..”

Meanwhile, this morning BaretaNews sent an email to the Dr. Dan Ekongwe who is an Associate Professor of Peace and Security and Head of the Government Relations and Protocol department of PAID to get some clarifications. In response to BaretaNews, Dr. Ekongwe tries to clarify the situation, he explains:

” PAID is an International Organization with a Diplomatic status and protocol agreement with the Cameroon Government. PAID, that is The Pan African Institute for Development – International Association is affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MINEPAT as well as the Ministry of Higher Education.

PAID was established in 1964 and today has Five Regional Institutes across Africa; two in Cameroon for Anglophones West Africa (PAID-WA)) and Francophone Central Africa (IPD-AC); another in Kabwe for Eastern and Southern Africa; in Burkina Faso for Francophone West Africa and in Sale Morocco for Arabic North Africa. PAID was established to train African technocrats soon after independence and has continued to do same with greater expertise and resolve. PAID is a legal International Organization with headquarters in Geneva and Yaounde and an office in Japan.

The President of the Republic of Cameroon H. E. Paul Biya is the Grand Patron of PAID. His signature gave birth to the organization as a contribution to this country, Africa, and humanity. Cameroon is a state of law and PAID respects its protocol engagements with the government. THE PUBLIC SHOULD REMAIN CALM AS ALL IS IN ORDER….”

BaretaNews hopes the meeting currently taking place between the officials of PAID and Higher Education Ministry brings in lasting solutions as many Cameroonians are already becoming worried and confuse. This could have an adverse effect on them and all alumni.

God is still saying something.

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