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Protest in Gabon: 3 Dead, Several Wounded.



News filtering in from Gabon says Gabonese who voted for the opposition candidate Jean Ping are currently clashing with the police after President Ali Bongo was declared the winner of Saturday’s presidential election. Jean Ping in his Twitter account announced that 3 Gabonese are dead already with several wounded
The Interior Minister Pacome Moubelet-Boubeya earlier today announced the results putting Mr. Bongo with a s 49.8% of the vote to Mr. Ping’s 48.2 %, a margin of 5,594 votes.

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Mr. Ping is disputing the result. He said figures from the president’s stronghold showed a 99% turnout and are therefore calling for a recount. Police have fired teargas to disperse supporters of Mr. Ping who were trying to access the electoral commission headquarters in Gabon’s capital, Libreville.

AFP news agency reports that supporters of Ping are chanting “Ali must go” . However, BaretaNews notes that, there has been no independent statement from the electoral commission (Cenap), after Delegates representing the opposition in Cenap walked out of the vote count and refused to sign papers validating Mr. Bongo’s victory.

BaretaNews calls on both sides to restrain and hopes Mr. Ping accepts the result and/or calls on his supporters to show love for peace while legally disputing the results. There is a need for peace and not another Ivory Coast.

God is still saying something.

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