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Presbyterian Church Moderator writes to colonial Governors , Indicts their Army of occupation for Killing his Pastor



Presbyterian Church Moderator writes to colonial Governors of the Northern and Southern Zones, Indicts their Army of occupation for Killing his Pastor.

PCC Moderator Rt Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba has written a tear provoking letter to the colonial Governors of Northern zone, Lele L’Afrique and Southern zone, Okalia Bernard. In the letter, the chief shepherd of the PCC laments the gruesome murder of the Parish Pastor of both Keonum and Baraban parishes in the Batibo Presbytery on Tuesday March 26th by forces loyal to Mr Biya. Rev Kepsi Peter was shot severally on his head, chest, ribs and legs. The moderators reports that, eye witnesses say many others were killed in the same manner on that day.

Restoration Forces had a clash on that day with the foreign military on the boundary between Batibo and Widikum. Civilians, including the late man of God had to escape the crossfire into nearby bushes.  As explained in the letter, after returning from their hideouts, late Rev Kepsi  sat infront of his house crushing palm nuts for the making of palm oil. Biya’s army appeared at the scene and rather crushed him. The moderator  invites the Government of Cameroun through these 2 colonial representatives who command the shooting of Ambazonians, to urgently seek dialogue with that of the Republic of Ambazonia to avoid further escalation of the situation.

Rev. Kepsi is the first Presbyterian Pastor killed by the military hoodlum of Yaounde but definitely not the first Prelate to be assassinated by the thugs.  A catholic Priest , American missionary, and  Pentacostal pastors  have been slaughtered in cold blood as the war rages on. At this point of the battle, it is obvious that, even if Jesus Christ  presents himself to the blood tasty army of occupation, He won’t still be spared from the wrath of their trigger.

At this level, the church is at great risk, the Clergy is targeted. As emphasized by the moderator, prayer must be intensified. Meantime Ambazonian Restoration Forces are doing last touches in sending out the colonial army that has infested their home. BaretaNews extends condolences to the family of the yet to be buried pastor, the PCC and the Christian Community of Batibo. God is fighting battle for Ambazonia, so Himself be strong and stay safe.

Sumelong Ekane


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